about me

  I am a scientist at heart, who believes in living a rational life.  This journal was started as a means of organizing my thoughts, and (hopefully) getting feedback.  You'll find my approach to multidimensional realities radically different from most people who write about psychic or spiritual matters, but you can blame that on my background.

            Call it a problem or a perk -- I've lived a life saturated by well over a thousand multidimensional experiences, ranging from simple psychic to profound mystical encounters. The sheer number and variety of experiences have enabled me to compare and contrast, making finer points of distinction. While most mystics are content when their experiences confirm deep-seated traditional beliefs, I continue tearing apart experiences, reaching for an understanding that might someday bridge realities.

            Early in my life, I made the decision never to separate myself from secular society. I've spent almost thirty years working in cytopathology laboratories, clinically screening for cancer cells. It's a meticulous job. My days are spent in front of a microscope, searching subtle differences within isolated cells, looking for any change that might signal a pre-malignant lesion.  This critical, analytic tendency is applied to other parts of my life, especially those involving other realities.

       Later, as a single parent of three boys, my main focus was on living an emotionally balanced lifestyle, a modern-day ordeal and challenge for any adult.  A friend once told me, "If you ever think you have reached inner peace and spiritual balance, try having kids. It will bring out every weak spot that exists in your detachment."  I believe the demands of parenthood add a different type of understanding, compassion and practicality than that found in lives that turn away from secular concerns, seeking only higher truths.  

       More recently, remarried to a highly-moral atheist, a scientist who sees everyday reality as the "one and only," I find new challenges: trying to reach out in our relationship and meet him within his world, while following my own heart's path. I am learning to sit more quietly within myself, to listen without the need to necessarily share or convince. To be this close to someone, to leave his understanding of reality unchallenged,  to not defend or even feel the need to validate my own beliefs has been more an internal challenge than I would have guessed. I am eternally grateful for this lifetime of experiences.

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