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Thursday October 14, 2004: Intense Healing

         Rod wanted me to continue the healing series, though I feel I've covered most of the basics. I hesitate on presenting this aspect. I'm not a professional counselor, so please use your own judgment and seek professional help if you have any concerns about keeping your emotional life under control.  If you decide to try this technique, let me know how it works for you.

          My most powerful method of healing comes when I set aside time to complete emotions. This method rapidly removes emotional blocks and unnecessary defense mechanisms. Use it only if you have no problems coping with everyday life and are looking for ways to improve your spiritual life. It is a negative approach that believes our divine essence is at the core of our being and that our awareness of that reality is blocked by personal and social conditioning.

          I should also warn you that this is not an easy or comfortable technique, though it is fast and effective. It can rapidly remove temporary emotional responses that might take hours or days to resolve on their own. It can remove angry, hurt or fearful responses that get in the way of making objective decisions. I prefer to get on with my life, not spend my time blathering on about what someone did or said, or what might happen.

           At this point, I've become a regular glutton for punishment, but that is because I've gained confidence as I've worked myself up the ladder of difficulty. Experience reassures me that I can get past emotions, and that on the other side of the worse pain or fear I'll always find a deeper sense of peace and harmony.

         If you decide to start this on your own, begin with something simple, like being angry at traffic problems or irritated with a co-worker over a minor issue. Realize that defense systems are created early in childhood, to hold in feelings that could not be safely expressed. Now, as an adult you're providing a safe environment for those feelings to come out.

            Currently, I'm setting aside an hour at a time to complete a specific issue, but these are big projects. I make sure I'm rested enough to throw myself into emotions for at least twenty to thirty minutes (which may seem like an eternity when you are immersed in the emotion). I know if I've completed the process when the emotion dissolves and even trying to pull up the old story cannot trigger the original response.

            As I've worked myself up to more and more difficult confrontations, this process may take multiple sessions. Especially in those cases, I reward myself by spending the last half the hour breathing in golden light and feeling divine love soaking into my body, or I visualize divine love flowing into my body and being radiated back outward into the world.  Substitute whatever meditation exercise you find empowering -- so you end up saturated with a positive (not negative) emotion.

           I'll discuss technique tomorrow........

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