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Saturday October 2, 2004: Lucid Dream Puzzle: Part Two

            ....I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of memory with these strange lucid dream periods.  I programmed harder, determined to carry an awakened state of awareness in my dreams.  My awareness within the dream state remained blocked. As the time-loss component expanded, I tried to program specific times to be lost off my watch.  I was familiar with using awareness of the everyday-world to alter dream reality. Was it possible for awareness to alter reality of the everyday-world from within the dreamstate? I pushed to increase the time, and occasionally noticed longer periods in between shorter segments. It still seemed stubbornly beyond any conscious control.
           One morning I awoke and was aware of having focused for an unusually long period of time in the dreamstate. Checking, I discovered an hour lost off my watch--a new record. Maybe I was finally making progress. Determined to force the issue a second time and exert control on my 'experiment,' I programmed even harder the next night for a repeat.

            In the morning my watch was unaltered, but one of my children woke up and called to me.  "Mom, why did you put the chair on my bed?"  I walked into his room to discover a small chair placed on top of the bed, legs resting on either side of his body, effectively pinning him in bed. My son, then a freshman in high school, had fallen the day before during a cross country run. His knee was torn up and he'd had a hard time bending the leg when I helped him into bed the night before. Had he gotten out of bed in his sleep, brought the chair back to the bed and figured out how to lift it on top of himself, after first rearranging and smoothing out his covers? It didn't seem likely.  I considered my son developing psychokinesis tendencies, moving the chair during his sleep.  Teenagers, especially while in the earlier years of puberty, had long been suspected as the source of poltergeist activities. Had the unconscious discomfort of the knee injury lead to psychokinetic activity? While considering that possibility, I ruled out my last option -- a quick scan found no outside entities in the house.

          My real fear was that it was the result of my dream programming. I was left with a number of choices: my son was playing a joke on me (which didn't fit his character, his mood, or his physical condition); my son had activated his own psychic power while asleep; I had moved the chair while sleep walking (I've never been known to sleep walk); some part of me had decided within the dream state to change the routine to something other than lost time; someone else within the dreams had altered the plan to prove I had no control over what was going on; there was no correlation to anything and I was never going to figure out what was happening.

            Fear overrode curiosity -- I quit programming my dreams. I'm not sure if it was the idea of moving chairs or of involving my children that freaked me out worse. Besides, I could not see any real value in developing this type of dream connection.

            Every great now and then, I would think about lucid dreaming, longing to regain my old type of control. I'd program my sleep for a week or so, occasionally end up losing time off my watch (the watch runs fine at all other times).  Soon after, my interest would fade and I'd go back to using my pre-sleep time to do deep breathing, expanding in other directions.

          When the PsiberDream Convention began (see September 8th entry) I thought I should try it again -- without much luck, as far as I'm concerned.  I don't remember any noticeable change in dream consciousness. Yesterday, I awoke and found my watch had gained two minutes. That's an odd modification from earlier events. I'll have to hope someone elsewhere has an explanation. I'm definitely open to suggestions.


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