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Friday October 22, 2004: Thoughtcrimes: Part Four

        Joe said he had developed the ability to read anyone's thoughts and I don't doubt him.  However, it took focused attention on an individual for Joe to pick up their thoughts. The talent never translated as indiscriminate bombardment by everyone's thoughts, as in THOUGHTCRIMES. On the other hand, Joe used mental telepathy, and that process is more of a feeling and tuning-in type of process.
            Amy (another psychic from my college days) had the gift/curse of clairaudio. I've only had two experiences with clairaudio and I found it very freaky to have a voice, load and clear, talking to you when no one is in the room.  Clairaudio uses the same sensory pathways as regular hearing, so the only clues I had to tell the difference were the empty room and the location of voices from odd places (such as the ceiling level). 

          I assume that growing up with clairaudio, Amy learned to sort out internal from external voices. Another member of our little psychic group once sat behind Amy and tried to mentally send the message that he needed to talk with her. She never responded until his fourth attempt, and by then he was intensely focused on getting through to her. Amy turned around at that point and informed him that it wasn't necessary to shout; she'd heard him the first three times.
           I never got the chance to discuss the subject with Amy, but I assume she had developed her own system of blocking out most people's random thoughts. It was relatively easy for a member to connect with her (she and I did it several times over different ranges of distance), but we did not carry on long conversations. As with members trying to connect to each other with mental telepathy, the message was usually the need to call or meet somewhere, so that further details could be discussed verbally, in person.
            There's no way I can see to live a sane life without learning to block out most incoming signals. I grew up aware of everyone's pain and suffering, and learned to block out that awareness before I started elementary school. The issue is addressed in THOUGHTCRIMES by saying the main character had spent nine years in a mental ward. Once the government agent rescues her and gives training, she's ready to fit right back into society. She certainly looks and acts normal in the movie.  That part is the hardest for me to believe.
        Nine years in a mental ward would only make sense if the ability appeared with puberty, after stable social relationships had been established (some people's psychic ability is triggered with puberty). Most people I've known who have unusually strong powers and have experiences routinely breaking in on daily reality are spontaneous psychics, and the problem shows up early in life (often the first memories to be recorded).  To be this bombarded from an early age would be more likely to lead to autism and withdrawal from other people. The scars of not interacting in normal social settings from a young age would be much more evident that the movie implies. If we give the storyline leeway and say she was well grounded emotionally before the voices appeared, then I still wonder about the emotional impact of nine years living within a mental ward.
          All right, it's a story and we don't need to look at how realistic it is.  TV-land considers it science fiction. The more interesting concept is how other people will react when they know the potential is there to have their thoughts read. Her partner wasn't too happy when he discovered how the main character was getting her information. His thoughts seemed innocent enough. What was the problem? 

         This is one area where maybe I've grown out-of-touch with the average person.  I've spent years working on my inner realities, working out negative feelings that come up and removing underlying defense systems. While I still have a long way to go in working past every negative thought, I can't imagine why people would be frightened of someone picking up their mental impressions.

           I can comprehend not wanting someone to project thoughts into your head. But how much difference does it make if they read your mind?  If I didn't want someone reading my thoughts, I would either quit thinking or monitor my thoughts more closely. If I think something nasty and end up being called on it, I'd own up to it and either take responsibility for my own short-comings, or be more honest about my feelings towards another person's actions. What kinds of thoughts are so terrible that they must be hidden from the outside world?  I'm having a hard time understanding that, even though I know it's a sensitive issue for other people. Why does this scare people so?


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How do I turn off clairaudio? Please help!
Signed lyngo.
November 29, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterlyngo
besides alcohol or prescription drugs to designed to stop pychosis you could try improving your focus- put 3 rows of 3 dots each with a black marker on white paper (equidistant with the dots) in a shape of a square. focus on the middle one-then the other 8 dots dissapear-the longer you can hold the disspearing-the more focus you have.

secondly, you can try to relax more sometimes its just ride it out

good luck
April 10, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterme
if its one person that is locked in your head- that's easy- you have a case of psychic transference-
for example- you are tuned in to someone for our example lets use bin laden-suddenly, you are hearing his thoughts throughout the day-allah this-america is imperialist dynasty hellbent on destroying the muslim culture that.-and you start to worry-oh. no I'm going to hear this forever (you won't) what can you do??????????????????????????????

think of hot sizzling bacon in a frying pan-subject psyche is opposite and transference is subsequently broken
April 10, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterme
i dont know what exactly it is i do.. but yu referenced to feeling other peoples pain and and hearing voices.. I dont pick up thoughts from those around me but i definitely feel their pain and emotions- that is particularly strong. howver i often hear people talking and calling my name, both wen ther is people around and when i am alone. I have seen ghosts and have communicated with them more than once. Please email me with some advice!!
February 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJodie
I constantly experience problems with a group of several people close to me in regards to clairaudio and am desperately seeking advice to permanently cut off any attachment in regards to these peoples voices that I continually here which is making it very difficult for each of us to function in our every day lives to the extent that I have sought medical aids to control these voices to no avail. Any help in this matter would be appreciated I consider the matter urgent, Thankyou for your help and understanding in the matter.
March 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMonique Bentley

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