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Sunday October 3, 2004: Understanding Multidimensional Realities

I've been thinking lately about how difficult it is for most people to accept multidimensional realities.  There's seldom anyone else you can go to for confirmation that something really happened and that you aren't just imagining things­ or--worse--delusional.

In the everyday life we tend to rehash physical and social events with others and get their viewpoints, their insights.  This helps form our social and cultural reality.  We could not survive as a community if we did not agree that some things would be interpreted consistently within the group.

        We all agree that traffic signals will have a consistent and constant meaning even if, on occasion, individuals chose to ignore them.  In retrospect everyone will accept the agreed reality and meaning of those signals.  Whether someone saw a stop sign may be debatable. That there was an actual stop sign and that there is a law saying all cars must stop at stop signs would be non-debatable.  Everyone could look at physical objects and agree that there is solid evidence (at this point I won't discuss the levels of awareness where the everyday world appears solid only because everyone believes it to be solid).

       Many people block out other realities.  Experiences in other dimensions usually must be interpreted as they were experienced -- alone.  In this respect I've been lucky to have at least a handful of experiences that were shared with animals or other psychics, but I'm alone in most encounters.  I am the one to determine the appropriate response.

       Intense psychic or mystic experiences carry a powerful gut level sense of truth with them.  They are not empty and curious, as random thoughts might be.  They are not carried on a wave of emotion as when the imagination projects its fears.  But even those experiences which come with the strongest sense of reality and truth may not always make sense within this world.

       That's why I usually file so many experiences away in my memory.  The experiences come when they come.  Seldom can I stop at that moment to carefully think through and explore the significance.  Eventually I may reach a point where I can acknowledge a specific episode as a random and meaningless image flitting across my mind, an image created by fear I was trying not to confront, or a message that could help my inner growth. 

       Some experiences can never be explained.  Some experiences only make sense years later when a pattern becomes obvious.  The truth of many experiences will not become evident until you resolve any emotional issues blocking rational evaluation.

       If an event is true within one world then the experience is true within multiple dimensions.  Just remember that each level will express the truth in its own manner.  I say that if the experience raises emotions that need to be addressed or be resolved before you can find peace of mind, then accept the validity of the experience as a chance to look deeper within oneself.

       Work with the level and the images that allow you to best resolve the emotions.  If it seems too overwhelming, approach it on a symbolic level, or search your everyday life for situations that create a similar emotional response.  Start your healing there.  Yes, some truths may be clearer from a different level of awareness, but the answers are probably hiding within your everyday world as well.  What will be important may not be determining if the experience itself was real, but the emotional healing or understanding that resolution brings.

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