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Friday October 8, 2004: Forgiving: Part Two

           Accepting that the hurt is there and sending love to those feelings can release a good deal of suffering. While this process heals the inner pain, it does not release the tendency to cling to memories. When people are hurt they want justice or compensation.  That creates karmic bonds. Do you really wanted to waste this life waiting for payback that may never come? Do you want to create a future that is centered around compensation for your suffering, rather than your own best interest? For as long as you hold onto this grudge or hurt, you give power to an outside force to determine the quality and enjoyment of your life.  Reclaim your own life.

        Begin by forgiving what was done to you. People and situations are caught in their own cycles. I have never yet seen a person with an open heart chakra who intentionally hurt or rejected or punished another creature. When I look at painful encounters I see people with their own defense systems in place, trying to protect their own vulnerable inner child by reacting to the outer world the only way they know.  

        Forgiving does not condone being mistreated over and over. Nor should you make excuses and justifications for being part of a bad relationship. If you cannot change destructive patterns being acted out in a relationship, then seek outside help. "Turning the other cheek" does not mean being a doormat.

         Suppose you cling to a past hurt that is no longer a threat. It may give an odd satisfaction to carry the grudge, but it remains a poison to your well-being.  It would be better to understand the patterns that have developed in the other person's life.  In acting out their own cycles, they have obviously affected the conditions of your life. The people themselves may never change, but understanding their cycles can give you the strength to make a conscious decision. You can pick up the pieces of your life and start off in a new direction.

       Still feel like the person who hurt you needs to be 'corrected?' If this negative behavior is the way they respond to most situations, then just leave them to their own karma. I've watched many people like this.  No matter how happy or successful they appear to the outside world, they are carrying around their own inner pain.  Let them create their own future, while you create a future without them.  Forgive them for the way they are compelled to act. To be continued........


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