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Wednesday November 17, 2004: Maintaining Balance:Too much of a Good Thing

            I haven't written for a while about spontaneous psychics. It used to frustrate me that -- while there were scores of books or articles written for people who wanted to increase their awareness -- no one took into consideration the spontaneous psychics, people who found themselves unable to turn off multidimensional experiences.  How do you keep yourself in balance when you're having too many encounters?
             First, realize that it is not an issue of the physical world versus the non-physical world. There are multiple levels of awareness and each level must find a way to be accepted into your consciousness and recorded in your memory. It must draw upon images, words and concepts already in storage. To do this, information from higher dimensions often gets carried back in symbolic terms.
            Again I repeat that it can be difficult at times to know what level you are experiencing. Is a train crash occurring in current time (clairvoyance), in the future (precognition), or is it a warning of an internal threat to some idea, opinion or relationship that has carried you this far? Clairvoyance can sometimes be recognized by its overpowering push to action. 
            Precognition may generate only a single layer or level of fear, compared to images projected from one's own psyche. Change the direction of your actions, sidestep future events, and precognition fears should dissolve. Change the course of future events, however, and you remove any proof there ever would have been a problem. That's the trickiest part of dealing with precognition.
            Being able to define differences in perceptions may require impressions that are unusually strong. It may also rely on your ability to properly define internal feelings. If you can't tell the level of the vision's origin, hold the entire event in your awareness and open to divine love. Let the event be surrounded and bathed in love and compassion. Picture this divine presence attracting people who can help. Then let go of attachments and concerns and trust that the power called up will take over.
            Second, realize there is no one answer or interpretation to any event. Get comfortable with that concept. We are conditioned to look for one solution and one answer. No answer explained in this world will ever be an ultimate truth or a final explanation. Reality is an interweaving of multiple influences. Words used to define answers create their own limits. 
           Become flexible by considering multiple explanations. Look at physical events, historic context, social interactions, emotional responses, symbolic concepts, etc. Pick the most reasonable explanation and work on the related issues, or file it away until more  more information points to a pattern. Always remain open to the other options if future information favors a better explanation.
           It is possible to slow down spontaneous experiences. For short time cures I would suggest avoiding stimulants and depressants, unless they've been prescribed and are necessary to return your body to normal function. Remove physical stresses (especially fatigue and poor diet) from your outer life. Spend less time meditating or drifting into open, uncontrolled awareness. Become enthralled with everyday details.  Spend more time with family and friends. There is a slight blending with stable group auras that can buffer your own weak spots. Use positive affirmations, music and environments to strengthen confidence and self-esteem --anything capable of repairing weak spots in your aura.
          For long time solutions: try an established spiritual path that can accept both awareness of higher states and a personal relationship with the divine. Call on your inner guidance to lead you to an honorable and spiritually evolved teacher or mentor. You need spiritual protection. Bring the awareness of the divine into your everyday life and learn to feel its protection and guidance. 
          At the same time, you must learn to take matters in your own hands. Work on getting your own inner life in shape. Work steadily on becoming more honest with yourself. Face your own shadows and repressed past. Resolve emotional conflicts. Each step forward will strengthen your aura and open you to higher guidance and protection.
         Lastly, avoid feeling the victim of inner realities. Remember that if your awareness is developed enough to be conscious of other dimensions, it is also developed enough to find answers and solutions.

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