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Thursday Aug 19,2004: Personal: Web of Life versus Web of Cyberspace

Will I ever adapt to the world of computers?  Some days, this new world seems harder to maneuver within than my multidimensional realities.  My middle son is home for a few weeks before returning to college, and I am frightfully relieved.  For my sons, computers are simply a second language, acquired effortlessly as they grew up. 

My son, the college sophomore, just finished up his second summer internship at NASA, working in their computer programming department. We discussed the need to find a work study job for the school year and he said he's leaning toward a cafeteria job, something that would offer a break from his computer engineering courses.  "This would be my first real job, Mom," he says, and it startles me. Obviously, he considers computer programming to be more like playtime.

My older son, who is now an ensign at the Naval Amphibious Base in Virginia, is in the middle of a two week course on LAN administration. I had to look the term up and have only a generalized concept of what he'll be doing. His two USNA senior papers (computer science and honors math) were equally beyond my level of understanding.  He feels totally at home in what I consider to be strange waters.

How different their childhood has been from my own.  I wonder what ends up missing in a world where individuals sit alone before their computer, exchanging electronic messages with people far away?  I spent a childhood connecting with nature, watching the cycles of birth, growth, and decay, watching how the cycles interacted and influenced each other.  I was grounded within cycles of nature, and it was a physical reality that I could see and touch and feel.  To expand my awareness, to become one with the world that touched me, this became an act which -- for the rest of my life -- would instantly center me within time and space, comforting me, reassuring me during times of stress or vulnerability that I was not isolated and alone in the universe.

Is that the way my kids will end up viewing the internet someday? I have not yet decided if my centering begins externally with an actual physical and astral bonding to my environment, or if I merely use the awareness of these outer images to build and extend an internal map of connections.  Will there ever come a time when I understand the way awareness functions in a world of computer connections?


Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 05:25AM by Registered CommenterThe Skeptical Mystic | Comments1 Comment

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As I was reading your post, I was intrigued by how you don't know the fabulous connection you already provided between surfers on the Internet as I found you just by searching for psychic versus intuitive.
Your post is famous for launching the technical age out the window because it emphasizes the loss of childhood innocence and the closeness to nature we became without the use of keyboards or chat rooms. We actually smelled flowers not gazed at them on a big screen.

But, I guess I am lucky for being 38 and having the best of both worlds: natural outdoors playtime and computers universal language applications. Okay back when computers first started out there was really no Internet access, but we had games likes Space Invaders and Astro something or other and it was fun. We even got cartridges for learning on the Apples or MacIntosh systems of the late 70's; but what we have now is standard in schools. The Internet and access to it is available in almost every classroom across the nation. The awareness level is now increased by 100's paying attention to a channel once only used for programming weaponry and stupid games. It connects countries, people, ideas and designs. I absorb more useful information from the computer sites I visit, then I do surfing our various newschannels or sitcoms. The Internet can be a good friend or evil foe depending upon what we utilize the machine to do for us. I have enjoyed the capacity to reach and talk with, several wonderful people across miles and miles of unexplored territory. I can feel what an arizona desert sun feels like when I chat with someone in Arizona (good imagination or excellent visual-spatial webdesigning skills). Either way, I feel you have extended yourself to a population of seekers interested in being assured that if the Internet is the new way to 'smell the roses', that their thorns (unfelt but now seen) do not get in the way of enjoying beauty.

ms erica
October 26, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterms erica

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