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Monday September 13, 2004: Math and Creativity Part Two

Internal influences:  In the simplest terms -- you make each new decision based on where your awareness is now, and where you are now is based on attitudes, beliefs, habits, and other complex strands of personal history. These carry you forward in time and are responsible for the predictable path that most people travel. The reaction of multiple strands to new situations can contribute to free will and creativity, as can raising awareness past the old mindset.  However, most people don't really stray far from the path they started down, despite the number of decisions they assume they are making. Seen from higher levels, it is very easy to project out the path most people will travel.  One would assume this applies to those who react to outside influences and are carried along by life, but many goal-oriented people are also predictable when it comes to maintaining lifestyle patterns.

This is the part that probably looks the most overwhelming.  There are thousands of cycles interacting and affecting one's life.  However, most life-lines do not wander about in an unpredictable manner. They are still bound by the inner and outer limitations discussed yesterday. As I work thorough this, I hope to simplify the patterns; however, for now, let me just get down some of the details.

From the moment of your birth, you enter into a complex number of internal and external cycles that determined the basic direction of your life. The position of certain cycles at the moment of your birth starts you off as an individual with a unique awareness. You are born into a certain period of time, a certain country and community. From that starting point, you will come in contact with later occurring cycles and experiences, all of which will be unique to you.  The way you enter each experience, interact with others and interpret their actions; the conclusions and lessons you walk away with -- all of these continue adding to your unique way of seeing and interacting with the world.  

 As a family member, you respond to how the family interacts and how they determine options and attitudes to 'control the direction of one's life.' Birth order and dynamic roles within the family may determine the role you take on: you may become the mediator, the caretaker, the decision maker, the rebel, or the clown. Over time you develop your own individual techniques for self preservation, for successfully interacting with certain personalities or handling certain situations. Patterns that seem to work become strengthened, those that do not work may develop defense systems. Role models offer alternative patterns, and some individuals, as we'll discuss later, can set out to recreate lifestyles more in keeping with the awareness carried into this life from past livetimes.

The list of influences that mark your beginning in this life, that in many ways determine the direction your journey will travel, expands outward (the time of year you were born, the cycles and interactions of stars and solar systems) and inward (the genetic code, the biological reserves built into your body).

Mothers will tell you that each baby is different, something that can be noticed at birth or even in-utero. I suppose an individual's personal history begins in the womb. Each fetus is exposed to a mother's different emotions as she progresses through the pregnancy. Diet and events in her life create biochemical changes within her body. Sounds and sensations move through her body. Long before the baby is born, he or she is already building dim patterns of awareness.  The simple fact you are born male or female has a major influence on the way others relate to you.

External influences: The strands of attitudes, beliefs, fears and desires, tend to lie close to the surface of awareness in each individual.  Habit will reinforce some strands so that the individual is more likely to be attracted to some directions rather than others.  However, when an individual's path runs close to a stronger outside force, they can find one of their weaker strands resonating, attracting the individual toward the outside force.  In this way, people can be carried along by outside events and find themselves making choices they would not have made on their own. Usually, peer pressure or mob influence can be overcome by strong individual strands that run counter to outside forces, or by removing oneself (rationally or spiritually) to a level of awareness where one sees beyond the group's motivation.

Very powerful cycles that intersect the life-lines of individuals, groups, or large populations, such as environmental disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, drought) or wars, may sometimes be overcome if there is an accumulation of enough smaller strands to overcome the large cycle.  Neighbors, or even nations, may step in to provide help.

If we can see all this from higher states, does it mean we are predestined?  To be honest, most people live out their life cycle without altering their life-path very much.  From higher states you can see the starting point, where outside cycles intersect, and which cycles will create slight diversions in the path-line. Even if someone does something which appears totally uncharacteristic, seen from a higher state one can see the internal pressures and attitudes building up until they are strong enough to compete with conditioned responses.

If all this can be seen from higher states, does it mean one could predict every decision and every action an individual would make over the course of his or her life? The answer would be no; it doesn't quite work that way. To clarify that issue we have to look at how awareness develops.

To be continued..............

Posted on Monday, September 13, 2004 at 05:02AM by Registered CommenterThe Skeptical Mystic | Comments1 Comment

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Hi Janet, (or do you prefer Jan?)

The 'nature' versus 'nurture' debate leaves many open questions.

Re "If we can see all this from higher states, does it mean we are predestined" this introduces a perspective that many other people will not have experienced. Can you say anything descriptive about the higher states? For example is does consciousness seem more intense or does one feel linked to some greater wisdom?

You also mention past lives. I have no doubt that people experience them, and are affected by these experiences, but what are they? They could be part of a chain of events or they could be artifact of the brain.

Regards, Mike
September 13, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterMike Brown

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