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Wednesday September 15, 2004: Intro to Mystical Experiences

             Mike asked for details of higher world experiences and that seems a good idea.  After all, when I write in general terms it gives the impression I'm an expert at dealing with multidimensional realities.  I'm not -- I'm a survivor who has just stumbled through a lot of experiences.  On rare occasions in my life, I'm willing to open my big mouth and discuss weird things. I never know how long it will last before I clam up and try to blend quietly back into the crowd.
           I'm starting out with mid-range experiences, since I feel like other places cover the more generic encounters. I can always come back and add those if someone tells me I'm either freaking them out or ignoring experiences they've always wondered about. Maybe I'll come back later, just to balance out the number of ways one can experience the higher worlds.
              Some of these will be excerpts from a book series I've been working on (sorry, but I'm lazy and writing this much new material every day is not normal for me). Please realize that the events in the book series begin after I'd already gone through hundreds of experiences.  I'd been through the Stephen King-part of my life (extreme psychic encounters), lucid dreaming, past lives, years of specialized teachings from inner masters, fifteen years of study and meditation with traditional spiritual groups, and all the generic experiences usually described for higher states.  The book series starts when things began getting really weird for me, and these first two entries are in the third chapter (in other words, you're really coming in at the middle, even though I'm trying to start off easy). 
             Taken out of context, you won't be able to see how episodes fit into the rest of my life or how I dealt with the experiences. Both the writing style and the experiences seem overly simple to me now. The only saving grace may be that the excerpts are written as narrative non-fiction and should be a faster read.
           Let me get through the first two experiences, and then I'll go back and critique what was happening, pointing out my doubts and my unanswered questions. Please feel free to add comments and observations, or to ask more questions.  Then I'll move on to another experience. 

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