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Thursday September 23, 2004: Accessing Intuitive Answers

        Ever had moments when you knew the answer must be in front of you but you couldn't narrow the options? What about the times when you knew your final goal but you weren't sure how to get started, or the times you questioned the best pathway to that goal? Ever been in the spot where you can't even decide which goal would be in your best interest? This is the perfect time to tap into intuition. 

Some in the scientific community consider intuition to be a subconscious processing, not much different from normal thought patterns. Based on my experience within other realities, I would disagree. I think intuition utilizes a different mode of perception. Science has recently discovered areas of the brain that process non-dualistic experiences, and I think non-duality holds the key to understanding intuition. That we cannot readily access these areas of the brain more fully is due, in part, to not developing the neural networks to differentiate a markedly different perception. 

           It's not about wishful thinking; you can't wish or try to imagine you are psychic or intuitive.  Hindu mantras, hundred of thousands of Sanskrit repetitions, are designed to build neural bridges from the conscious brain into areas that handle non-dualistic awareness. But not every Hindu is aware of other dimensions. Not every spiritual seeker can successfully rely on their intuition.

          Spontaneous psychics may genetically have that bridge already established. That doesn't mean spontaneous psychics always can understand or control the process. It just means that sometimes when their mind is not preoccupied with dualistic impressions, they slide across the bridge into other dimensions. Understanding can come about from higher levels and seeing how multiple factors interact in the situation, or by seeing the relationship itself instead of focusing on endpoints.

          To have full access to these powers would be a matter of focusing on a particular area of awareness (and first you have to find it) and then learning how to consistently get back to that focal point. That's way too hard for most people. The easy way? Turn problems over to a higher self, using a visualization process designed to help access intuition. There are two different levels of requests that can utilize this process.

 1.  If you know you have the answer within you and cannot recall or recognize it (where did I leave my keys, what is there about this situation that is making me uncomfortable), program your sleep.  Before you drift off to sleep, repeatedly state the problem as if already solved ("when I awake, I remember where I put the keys"; "when I awake, I'm able to see the truth about this situation").

This is not an instant process. When you go to bed programming to have the answer upon awakening, you are really removing the doubts and uncertainties that block out answers. Intuitive answers will more likely come later in the day, during moments when your mind is relaxed.

2.  If you want a broader search ("how do I find the right instructor/job/apartment", "how do I improve this part of my life"), your programming statements should be carefully worded. It is not appropriate to ask for something specific-- such as winning the state lottery ticket, being chosen for a specific job, making someone love you. Focus on understanding the situation better, on becoming the type of person who deserves and attracts a better life, on being led to whatever is in your best interest. 

The second part of this process is trusting that the answer is out there in your environment.  Look with detached curiosity to see if you can notice options you might not have previously considered. Often, it is being in this detached state of awareness that allows an intuitive insight to break through.

      If after several days you aren't getting an answer:

     1.  You may not be letting go of the problem. You may be continually asking, "Where is that answer," instead of really trusting it will be provided. This attitude tends to block rather than encourage answers.

      2.  You're not allowing enough time. Even if you've asked for an answer in two days and the answer isn't there, keep believing the answer will appear in short order. There's a matter of establishing trust between you and your intuition or higher self.

        3.  You may not be asking the right question. Back up and try asking, "What is there about this situation that I'm not understanding?"  "What obstacles need to be removed before I can see the answer?"  "How do I change my attitudes and prepare myself so I will be in position for recognize and accept the solution that is right for me?" Or simply, "What step I can take today that will move me closer to my goal?"

           How you chose to visualize this help is a personal matter. You may want to see it as your own higher self, unrestricted by the social conditioning and personal hang-ups that block your everyday creativity. You may want to visualize an outside entity, such as a guardian angel, guru, master, god or goddess, who will run the errand and then come back to present the answer to you. 

           Just don't give up if you don't get instant results. Open to new ways of finding answers.  Continue to trust that your high self or intuition is at work. Remove the need to find instant answers and focus on finding the right answer at the right time.        

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