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Saturday September 25, 2004: Dream symbols: part two

           Dreams not only have the power to point out past emotions that have not been resolved, but they also can hold the key to finding new directions and insights. The social regulator or censor mechanism uses symbols for two reasons.  Perhaps you have become stuck in using conventional concepts and are unable to acknowledge a totally new way of looking at the problem. Symbols can slide past that part of your reality check that tends to keep the status quo.        

          Symbols are also rich and condensed, capable of carrying vast amounts of ideas back in a form that can be transferred from your dreaming awareness into the awakened conscious memory. This becomes more obvious when you do lucid dreaming.

         Lucid dreaming moves the awakened state of consciousness into the dream state.  You are aware you're dreaming and so can stop to analyze what symbols or activities may represent. You can alter dream sequences. There are multiple books written that deal with this type of dreaming; there is also a wealth of information on the internet.

         Carrying lucid dreaming to its highest level, the dreamer can travel to other places that exist in either the awakened or dream reality, to assist other people, or to alter patterns and events. It's also possible for the lucid dreamer to consciously alter his/her awareness into a higher awareness level, projecting into meditative states that lay beyond the dream activity, receiving a clearer understanding of lessons being presented.

          Bringing some of these memories back to the physical realm is tricky. Words are the most difficult to carry over from one reality to another. Many years ago, I was in charge of putting on a seminar for Eckankar (a group to which I no longer belong). It was not uncommon at the time for Eckists to work together within the dream state. Since I was in charge of music for an upcoming seminar, I was delighted when an Eckist I'd never met before decided to contact me in a lucid dream.  She was willing to let me sing one of the songs she'd written -- an absolutely beautiful song (I instantly feel in love with it).  We ran through the song at least half a dozen times to be sure I had the tune and words.  Then I began moving back down into lower states of consciousness, reviewing the song with each transition in awareness level. I remember reviewing the song one last time before slipping back into the physical body (awakening). Unfortunately, the moment I awoke, both the words and melody vanished. I was left with the memory of working on the song, and the frustration of knowing I'd failed to successfully carry the memory back I'd lost a song that would have become a favorite.

            I suspect that is why my inner masters often relied on symbols when they were giving instructions. Symbols are powerful, capable of condensing the essence of the message and adding layers of understanding or application. The richness and depth of symbols is something the awakened dreamer can explore over and over, enlarging the concepts as his or her current awareness expands in new directions. There is so much to explore with this subject.....


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