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Wednesday September 29, 2004: Dreaming into Reality: Part Three

        As my grandmother's health went downhill, she was released from her local hospital and moved back across state to the chronic-care hospital where my mother worked. I remember my last hospital visit with her. It was uncertain whether she knew anyone was in the room with her. I was in Eckankar at the time, and I prayed -- when it came time for her to pass away -- that it be as painless as possible, that my Master be there to make the journey comforting and easy on her. I trusted him to take care of my grandmother's passing.

         I remember Mom called me from Grand Rapids on a Friday evening and informed me that they had pulled Alberta off intravenous feeding late that afternoon. The doctors thought Alberta would probably last for three to five days before her body gave out, though they warned the family she could hold on for weeks. Mom wanted me to be prepared that Alberta would most likely pass away within the next week or so.

         I hung up the phone, thought about what I'd tell my boss on Monday, then took some cold medication and settled back into the usual Friday night routine. I was staying in Alberta's Royal Oak apartment, in part to save money while I attended classes in Detroit, and in part to make sure burglars didn't take advantage of an empty apartment. 

         There were three half-hour programs I always watched on Friday night -- without fail.  Why was I becoming so sleepy? I had just taken the medicine. Within minutes, I could no longer watch TV.  I was so tired I didn't even brush my teeth before heading for bed -- definitely a first and only time occurrence. 

          I collapsed on the bed, half asleep before I even hit the pillow, and 'awoke' in my higher body. The Eck Master stood before me. "It's time," he said. I was aware of rapid movement as we crossed a large distance, then of standing in my grandmother's hospital room.  Alberta was just starting to separate and rise out of her body. How surprising it was to see that, in this form, she looked so much younger -- younger even than I could remember from my youth.  I would guess she was in her thirties or forties, though I wasn't even sure I'd seen pictures of her at that age. 

          Alberta was a bit confused and I called out to her.  Relieved to see someone familiar, she drifted over to me. There was time to let her get oriented to the new reality and then I introduced her to my Master. I explained that, because of my initiations in Eckankar, she had a choice of staying on a higher level or of eventually reincarnating again with loved ones.  She chose the latter and expressed a wish to be with Sid, her husband.  My grandfather had died suddenly, just after my mom graduated from high school, and Alberta had been widowed for thirty-some years.

        Personally, I had no idea how to go about finding someone in the higher worlds, but with the help of my Master, we located my grandfather. A brilliant glowing figure, Sid's facial features were barely recognizable; if I knew him at all, it was more by the presence he created. Alberta knew him instantly, and was overjoyed to see her husband once again. After giving my grandparents each a final hug, I turned and left them to their reunion. Thanking the Eck Master, I returned to the bedroom in Royal Oak and fell into a normal sleep. 

          It was not long after I had returned to my body that my uncle (who also lived in Royal Oak) called me with the news that Alberta had passed away.  I decided against saying that I already knew and merely thanked him for calling. 

         I did tell my mother about the experience later, because I'd been confused by how young Alberta had appeared. She did not find Alberta's image so strange.  "Women," she said, "tend to think of themselves as they were in their prime."  I knew astral bodies tend to carry the image that we hold of ourselves, so that made sense.  Perhaps Sid had been without a body for so long that it was harder for him to think of his original body image.

After the Fact:

            I always make myself consider the possibility that I passed out from the medication and suffered a drug-induced dream about the death of my grandmother; the phone call had certainly brought up the issue.  On the other hand, I was used to taking the medication and my history with that brand of night-time medication was a gradual clearing of congestion, and progressive drowsiness. Never before or after have I been knocked out by such medicine, nor had any medicine work so quickly. Neither the doctors nor the family expected Alberta to pass away that same night. Also, when I'd asked for the Eck Master's help with my grandmother's passing, I never assumed I'd be included in that process.  If nothing else, I feel the timing of this dream and Alberta's actual passing backs up what seemed to be an out-of-body experience.

          Again, this was an experience I wanted to accept as true, which should always make one cautious. However, it's just as important to acknowledge the possibility of skepticism itself getting in the way of truth. Science might try very hard to talk away the individual incidents as being illusion (or delusion), but I think it ends up straining itself to deny what might be a different form of reality.  Just as psychics and mystics can sidestep their own responsibilities by placing too much emphasis on fate and the will or action of some higher source, science can overlook the emotional certainty of events that may define the depth and meaning of existence. Sometimes we need to look for the truth in the middle -- keeping an open mind while remaining curious and skeptical.

P.S. These past days may give the faulty impression that when you have an inner experience, you drag up all the everyday world explanations, decide you want to believe other world explanations, and leave it at that. Not at all. There is a fine art of analyzing these experiences from the inside out that we still have to cover....

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