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Thursday September 30, 2004: Analyzing Inner States

         When you are having a higher-world experience (anything that falls between lucid dreams and higher God states) there will be a sense of reality noticeable different from the everyday world, especially during the experience. This tends to override any questioning of the encounter later, so much so that most people will not consider possibilities of imagination or coincidence. Do not let that sense of true reality keep you from critiquing your experience. This is probably the main reason that people go off half-cocked over a single experience, rather than properly integrating the experience into their everyday lives.

           This reality factor is not such a problem in the lower levels (astral/dream and causal/past life), which can usually be analyzed in the awakened state but may seem like normal reality while inside the experience.  In either case, you cannot remain balanced and gain insight about yourself without some critiquing.

           We aren't often taught to pay attention to the feel or awareness of ourselves, and I wonder if this is not part of what makes some people psychic -- they're better able to tune-in to subtle changes in inner feelings and sensations.  I've learned to become ever more sensitive and critical concerning the shades of variation between experiences. However, since I've never put any of it in words until today, this may not be the clearest explanation (my apologies up front). Also, remember I'm not an expert; these are my own observations, and should serve only an example of how to go about exploring your own perceptions.

           If I stop right now and become aware of the feel of my body (focusing on the entire uniform mass within the skin boundaries), there is a density to me that is quite characteristic. In a lucid dream, if I were to do the same analysis, the density would be similar on a moderately thin outside layer, but the internal density would be slightly looser or lighter. Within a traditional dream, the sensation is uniform and dense, though not as dense as the awakened physical body awareness.

           In higher worlds, one may find the outer dense layer becoming thinner, while the inner mass becomes lighter; one may feel the entire body as visually light, glistening, and loosely woven in density; one may lose the outside boundary so the self becomes very soft and blended, with edges that fade outward into the environment; one may lose any awareness of self and merely become a pin point of awareness, with the awareness spreading as far out as the attention directs it to expand; one may become a focal point so connected to other parts of creation/the universe, that the self awareness is really awareness of interconnections, rather than an individual and separate self.

             When analyzing the three death dreams, I noted that the awareness was not as clear and crisp, or as detached as in my other prophetic dreams; nor was there the sharp separation that occurs between the lucid awareness and its dream reality. However, it was sharper and more intense than usual dreams. Perhaps it would be better to relate it to events in awakened reality when the sensory perception and surrounding details are more keenly recorded in memory (the first impressions when hearing of the 9-11 events; the slow-motion sensation of watching someone or something about to be hit by a car).

           The fact that details of my three death dreams did not match what happened in everyday reality is not uncommon for regular dreams. If the mind cannot come to terms with inner perceptions, it will alter details into a symbolic form more acceptable. Again, the main point of these dreams might have been only to push me into returning to family. They may have been mildly prophetic but filtered through a regular dream censor mechanism.

           The second episode, of floating above the bed with my grandmother, differed from imagination. If I vividly imagine myself flying or floating, I may have the sensation of lightness that differs from the usually subconscious awareness of gravity, body orientation, and contact pressure of feet and other body parts on solid surfaces. Still, here (if one were to notice) the inner awareness remains denser than that of a light or astral body, separated away from the physical body. I imagine floating while retaining a firm image of my body boundaries. Out-of-body, I float with boundaries that are best defined as a change in the vibratory consistency between a physical world and the inner world.

              At my grandmother's death, perception of time and space were altered. One reality overlaid the other, with the physical world being more like a flat background over which the reality of action took place. This level held that element of truth that seems so impossible to challenge. There was an awareness, not just of a relationship between individuals, but of emotional interactions as something tangible, in and of themselves. If I compare this to moments of feeling great love for another in the everyday world, I would have to say the inner experience was a bit more visual.

            None of this may make sense to anyone else, but it's the best I can do for now.  My main point is that when you experience an inner world reality, you need to not only take into account typical everyday world explanations, but compare and contrast the layers of feelings with similar situations you've experienced elsewhere in your life. As you progress, compare it to other experiences within the inner worlds.                


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