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Monday September 6, 2004: Maintaining Balance: The Value of Past Lifetimes

         Since I brought up past lives in my August 21st entry, I thought I should discuss the balance factor. If you don't believe in reincarnation and the ability to remember past lives, then skip this entry. If you are interested, then you must realize there are plenty of books and professionals out there that deal with past-life regressions. I'm more concerned with maintaining balance, since I've seen people act goofy when considering the possibilities of previous incarnations.

                The reality of reliving a significant past lifetime is not what people imagine. If it's going to help your development, it probably won't be glamorous or gratifying to the ego. Forget Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, or Abraham Lincoln -- few people carry a personal history so impressive. (hint: awareness of past lives was never meant to be cosmic compensation for boredom with today's commonplace existence.)

           Ask yourself what kind of answers will actually help your current life situation. Recalling distant lifetimes may have as little value as recalling second grade. Do you hope you once had been a princess or infamous outlaw because it would add a dash of excitement to your current life? If that's the source of your interest, you'd better take a good hard look at the life you are living now. Figure out why you're not satisfied with your current situation, what would bring long-lasting inner satisfaction, and what you'd have to change about your current belief systems and actions to move you in a more positive direction. 

Excited because you've discovered you were a Roman soldier or that you died in the Civil War? This is back to remembering second grade again. How many people are going to care what you did on the playground or whether you were student of the week? The truth is, any number of people may have been through similar experiences in their past, even if they don't recall all the details. Being able to point to glory or infamy in a past life does not alter what you're currently making of this life. Whenever you find yourself dwelling in past-life memories that aren't move your current day life forward, you're wasting time.

       There are only two cases where past life memories serve to improve your current situation. The first case is when you notice a similarity between patterns of relationships or reactions. Often seeing a similar situation play out with different characters and settings can help you brush away the superficial details and recognize deeper emotional patterns. Then you can go back to working on current day problems with a deeper understanding. Whatever happens, don't simply blame current day problems on the past.  Use the information to change your response to obstacles in this lifetime.

       The second case is when you uncover something traumatic that happened in your past. Traumatic events usually create defense mechanisms that carry forward in time, stifling current day interactions. Don't bother waiting to get justice or compensation for the past. Face emotional pain and resolve the fears you are carrying around. The biggest mistake you can make is to focus so much attention on a past life or on hopes of the after-life, that you forget to make the most of the life you've been given to live right now.


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