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Tuesday September 7,2004: Just What AM I Looking at?

            If you or your child has a terrifying vision of some disaster (say, a car wreck), how do you determine if what's being seen is precognition, clairvoyance, the symbolic representation of some inner turmoil (destruction to some long established and cherished mindset), or maybe just vivid imagination?  I'll give a generic response later, but let's start with more specifics.

              First off, if you've recently heard a story about a terrible car crash or there's any reason to have had your own fears activated, lean toward vivid imagination as your explanation. If, after you've addressed your own fears, the vision still remains -- then proceed to the generic solution at the end of this entry. This type of vision should always be suspect and, if nothing else, will be contaminated by your personal fears.

                Precognition often plays out like a movie in front of you.  You can still feel fear and be flooded with emotion, but if you notice, the emotions will be on the surface.  Deep within your central part of being, there will be calm. The more experiences you have with precognition, the easier it will be to recognize precognitive episodes. Responding to a precognitive vision is tricky and I probably need to do a separate entry.  However, the generic solution will work in most situations.

              Clairvoyance comes in two forms.  If you are meant to be involved in helping someone, you will find yourself responding, with or without understanding why. When my uncle was a teenager and spending a summer by himself at a remote family cabin, he awoke in the middle of the night. He felt compelled to get in the car and start driving the road that wrapped around the lake. When he came to a point where the road was perhaps twenty feet from the shoreline, he pulled his car over and stopped. Turning off the engine, he sat wondering: what was he doing driving around and how far did he intend to drive in the middle of the night? 

             In the quiet of the remote spot, he heard splashing. Walking down to the lake, he saw a boat that had drifted into shore and could make out the frantic splashing and cries of a man in the water. My uncle jumped in the boat and reached the man, pulling him out of the water. The man, who'd fallen out of the boat and been in the water for some time, had no life jacket and was apparently not a good swimmer.  He'd exhausted his last bit of energy and was convinced that if my uncle had not reached him, he most certainly would have drowned. My uncle's action came first, the reason appeared later.

            Other cases of clairvoyance may involve a sudden knowing that someone is in trouble.  Family members may know the instant a loved one is injured or is put in danger. Again, the course of action seems clear -- even if it's calling to have someone else check on the individual.

            Internal disasters: We've all heard the predictions of the end of the world, or some other disaster that never comes about. Often these prophets of doom gather a group of supporters. When the first prediction does not come true, the date is merely moved further into the future and -- for some reason -- the group becomes more convinced of the inevitability of the predicted outcome. I should probably do a section just on this subject. This is an issue of internal images that the prophet interprets as external events. It can occur in a milder form and be confusing, even to experienced psychics.

            Let's assume you are psychic and unsure how to interpret the vision. When unsure how to proceed (let's not make a public fool out of ourselves), then consider the generic solution. Sit in meditation and visualize the situation surrounded by divine love. Build a strong image of love around the disaster area.  Either ask God to send help, or simply visualize help arriving at the scene of the accident. Keep visualizing until you have a solid impression of it being a reality. Then let go of the impression and trust that help will be provided. This allows you to extend some help in precognitive and clairvoyant situations.  Even in the worse scenario, where a crash does occur, your focus may bring help of a spiritual nature. If this is your imagination or if you are seeing a symbolic representation of some personal, internal 'crash,' then it will open yourself up to help that may be available in the everyday world.





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