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Wednesday September 8, 2004: For All the Dreamers

             Yesterday was busy, but I did find a great link for those interested in precognitive dreaming, lucid dreaming, or any 'unusual' dream that never made sense. This is an online conference with some of the world's top experts on psi-dreaming. The conference itself runs from September 19th through October 3rd, and reasonably priced.  If you can't join the online conference, but are still interested in the subject of dreaming, check out the list of presenters and their books.  Many of these books can be ordered through the BookFinder link in my book site section.

                                             PsiberDream Conference 2004



            I want to apologize: this journal has ended up being a lot of advice, jumping around from subject to subject.  I don't think I intended that when I started.  I don't think that's what I'll be writing in another six months.  For right now, all this advice is pouring out and I'm not having much luck stopping it.

             I wonder if I'm writing to get out the advice that is not being covered elsewhere.  To have been given so many experiences seems to carry its own burden, a debt that perhaps I am meant to repay by passing on what little I've learned (the hard way). When you have enough experiences you don't cling to them -- you embrace the lessons, figure out how to apply them to your everyday life, and then let them go, opening yourself to the next experience. You focus on the life in front of you instead of yearning for other worlds.

             I wonder if I'm writing for someone who's growing up a spontaneous psychic, whose only source of advice on inner worlds comes from authors babbling on about how beautiful the inner worlds can be and how we all should open ourselves to the possibility.  Those early visits to the inner worlds are wonderful -- an exotic vacation spot where life seems simple and beautiful and our everyday problems are far away.  Surprise: when you spend enough time in those worlds you learn that they have their own challenges, their own complexities, and you learn that you never leave all your problems behind.  Somewhere along the way, you still have to face and conquer your inner shadows. Facing them in inner worlds can be terrifying; no one warns you of that side of higher reality, perhaps because most people never venture beyond the comfortable and the anticipated.

            There is also the option that I am simply writing because a blog is so anonymous, and I can finally let out the things I would not say in front of co-workers, or conservative neighbors and friends who know me to be down-to-earth and sensible, or my family (who can accept very simple experiences in other dimensions but still look a bit wide-eyed if the story goes beyond the commonplace).  I haven't even been able to say  much to other spiritual seekers -- not when I hear how grateful people are for a meditation of silence instead of mind-babble, or when I see their excitement because an experience confirms what they've always been told about higher reality. Even though I have no intention of sharing  my more extreme experiences in a blog, I realize these entries have already become far out by everyday standards.    

              All I can do is apologize in advance, because I suspect -- now that I've opened the door to this side of my life--I must let it run its course. There is a limited amount of advice in me -- then I should be able to explore new avenues.

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2004 at 05:37AM by Registered CommenterThe Skeptical Mystic | Comments3 Comments

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I am a reluctant spontaneous psychic. I've had plenty of average reality to confront before now so I'm only just beginning to meet my more eccentric side (I'm 34). You do ramble, but I wanted to say that that style is in itself is rather comforting. The advice is great. There is plenty of advice on how to expand your abilities out there but little on how to get comfortable with what you already have. I keep reading things and thinking "I do that - I didn't realise it was part of this". Also the pragmatic approach is refreshing. So is finding a website that isn't black or purple with a star scene.

February 23, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJo
Thanks, Jo. Most spontaneous psychics that I've known did not go the professional route; they were far more interested in living a normal, balanced life in the everyday world. Many felt better hiding their inner experiences, afraid that others would no longer see them as rational, that their usual balance and pragmatism would be discounted.

One of the challenges of being a spontaneous psychic is that, since these episodes are not sought after and can appear when other life issues should be taking priority, the psychic must figure out how to quickly put experiences of other dimensions in perspective (if only to refocus on normal affairs).

Perhaps as more of us share a reasonable approach to dealing with impressions of other dimensions, society will see these experiences as being part of the human potential. If you are now beginning to explore this side of yourself, rely on the skills you've already built for critiquing the relevancy of everyday occurances. I'm sure you'll do fine.

My life is hectic right now and I'm not blogging on a regular basis, but let me know if there are specific areas in which you're interested.
February 26, 2006 | Registered CommenterThe Skeptical Mystic
"Many felt better hiding their inner experiences, afraid that others would no longer see them as rational, that their usual balance and pragmatism would be discounted."

I can relate to that! I am wondering though if these experiences are more "normal" than we give them credit to be. I mean if lots of us are hiding them...

I for one am thankful you are sharing your insides out xxx

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