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Thursday September 9, 2004: Personal: Sense of Humor


             My, I was in a funky mood yesterday.  I can go through periods of being much too serious and that is never good in terms of balanced living. I know what's going on during the ugly periods: I start thinking too hard about what just happened or what might happen and I forget to engage in the life right in front of me. That's when I need to step back, drag out a sense of humor, and (most importantly) laugh at my own silly behavior.

             Humor has to be an essential part of healthy adulthood (God should give parents a double dose, for reasons every parent understands). Without a sense of humor, any life becomes long and tedious.  On a spiritual path, I think humor becomes even more critical -- people tend to get so somber and reverent when they deal with higher realities.    

           I suppose I have to take other worlds seriously to survive within them, but even with intense mystical episodes it's important to lighten up. Otherwise, I might have been disappointed when I came back from incredible mystical states and realized the world had kept right on moving, without so much as a 'by your leave.' It doesn't matter how often divine bliss has filled my inner reality, the next day I'm right back to dealing with this world -- to kids who leave their clothes on the floor, dishes that pile up in the sink, and cats that continue to spit up hairballs. I think that's how you can tell that you haven't turned into the Buddha yet and that you're still on the journey.                                     

             If there are times when things go terribly right in the inner worlds and you're beginning to think you might be pretty hot stuff, or when things go terribly weird in the inner worlds and you're beginning to wonder how your sanity's going to survive,  remember this is why humanity was given a sense of humor.  To get back to living in balance and harmony, step back, take a good hard look at everyday life, and put your spiritual development in perspective (an excellent reason for keeping little kids and critters around).  For heaven's sake, don't take life (or the afterlife) too seriously.  It's a journey.  As long as our hearts are in the right place, things will work out in the end.


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