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Sunday January 23, 2005: Sekhmet, The Destruction of Mankind

        Standing before the lioness-headed goddess, I try to remember the story told about Sekhmet and the destruction of mankind. Sekhmet’s personality is most commonly defined by this particular myth. Mankind had supposedly turned their backs on the ancient gods and even begun mocking the great god Ra. Angered, Ra called up Sekhmet to punish the blasphemers. The myth usually explains that Sekhmet became too zealous in her mission, became drunk feasting on human blood. Only the intervention of other gods -- tricking her, drugging her -- kept Sekhmet from the wanton killing of all mankind. I’ve heard that same translation repeated over and over. Yet, during my own encounter, standing here beneath Sekhmet’s gaze, a different version unfolds before me.

        You should know that the ancient gods were not The God, The Divine. They were the first manifestation as The Divine reached outward in Its creation. These were a race of spiritual beings, somewhat like the race of angels, but with far different responsibilities. Ra held the power of Light within his mouth, hidden from the powers of the Dark, or Chaos. When he came out from hiding he released the sun and it pushed away the Dark. The Light, the essence of the divine, began new levels of creation within the lower worlds. The will of Ra created other gods, from the magic of great compassion and intent. From the sweat and tears of this effort came the creation of mankind.

        In the earliest time, the gods delighted in walking upon the Earth. And among some of the human race were those who could see and talk with the gods. To these few the gods spoke and gave guidance. Ra loved his children and decided to give the priests of his creation a part of his own magic, that they might help their fellow man flourish upon the Earth.

        Time moved on -- even for the gods – and Ra grew too old to walk beneath the heavens. Generations passed among the human race, and much was forgotten. The priests became proud of their magic. Proud and haughty. Such was human nature -- to believe the magic was under their control.

         "What need have we of ancient legend? We are creators of our own destiny," they boasted, and began turning men's hearts away from the worship of the gods. Even darker days came when Ra's name was openly mocked.

        The gods may have once walked on Earth but they were never of Earth. Long had it been since they had touched it directly. The Earth was no longer in a creation state, but could maintain its cycles and evolve on its own. The essence of the divine still flowed through rocks, plants, and animals, becoming transformed to Earth's vibration, but it was in the race of man that it flowed strongest.

        Those who gazed upward with love and devotion to the Gods and opened their hearts to the divine served as great transformers, releasing divine love into the lower worlds, allowing divine power to move its creations forward. The priests closed men's hearts to the ancient gods but they did not cease their own magic. Ignorant and full of pride, the priests opened to what they believed was the glory of their birthright. They could not understand the forces of Chaos nor see the way it filled the world.

        Ra sat alone, watching the Chaos grow. How he regretted the secrets he had shared with the priestcraft. His creation was now threatened, blinded to its own future. Then and there, Ra resolved to destroy all those who channeled and who turned men's hearts from the gods.

         It was not so easy. The priests had grown in their cleverness. They felt the first stirring of Ra's anger, and fled with their followers into the desert. There they used their knowledge of magic to hide from Ra. They did not channel but talked in subtle whispers of rebellion, whispers that continued closing the hearts of men. And Ra could not find them.

        Ra called the most ancient of the gods, those who had been in the primeval waters with him, those who had existed before he created life with his eye, the sun. The Great Ones were strong in the power of creation, but how could even they prevent this blight? Long did they debate, until it was decided amongst them all that the Goddess Sekhmet should be called forth. Sekhmet was the power against which no other power could stand. She was Protector of the Gods and she was asked to manifest on Earth.

        "Go to the desert, Mighty One," they implored her. "Kill all those who plot against the gods, who channel Chaos, and thereby threaten the worlds of creation."

        Thus did Sekhmet do as she was bid. She walked among men, searching out and killing all she found. Night after night, she destroyed the wicked, ripping their bodies open and drinking their blood, absorbing the Chaos back into her body. The blood she drank seemed never ending and filled her until she was aware only of drinking and killing and more drinking.

        The other Gods grew frightened of the slaughter but could not stop Sekhmet. The killing continued and even Ra's heart grew heavy. Mankind had been his beloved children once. He could forgive their weakness. Would Sekhmet continue in her blind passion until she destroyed them all?

        Quickly Ra ordered the harvesting of herbs -- mandrake from Elephantine and all types of plants to alter the mind. These he gave to the Goddess Sekti, who mixed them with great quantities of beer, and colored the mixture with blood. Seven thousand jugs of this mixture were taken to a place where Sekhmet would pass and the mixture was poured onto the fields.

        When Sekhmet came to the spot where the red beer flooded the ground she drank of this also. Her body filled with the beer and blood and herbs which Sekti had so carefully mixed. That which was created from the Earth -- still carrying the pure essence of divine creation -- that finally eased Sekhmet's mind. Her heart could once again recognize joy. Standing upright, Sekhmet at last broke free of her mindset. And the killing stopped.

         Ra honored Sekhmet thereafter and called her "The One Who Comes in Peace." And Ra declared that each year the humans that remained would hold a great festival, to remind themselves of the pleasure of life and to remember the power of Sekhmet. Sekhmet said nothing and simply turned, returning from whence she’d come. So ends the story that unfolded before me.

        I am aware again of Sekhmet, her cat eyes scrutinizing the nuances of my reaction. She knows what I have seen, the thoughts now going through my mind. I see a new emotion pass over her face. Her eyes are filled with pain. This story pains her.

        I believe there is something in the way it happened that did not turn out as she intended. Did her pain come from losing control? Had the grief and necessity of killing become an obsession? Sekhmet had been told to kill all those who channeled Chaos. If this was her duty and she was the only one capable of carrying out that duty, would her mind remove itself from the horror? Or was the order more direct -- to destroy all of mankind? Had she been bound to her duty while the other gods changed their minds, rewrote the order, and left her as the scapegoat?

        I want to know what happened. Yet when I look into her eyes, I know she will not answer. It is not a denial of what happened. She remains before me in the stance of one who takes total responsibility for her actions. If she would not answer it is because she refuses to make excuses or shift the blame. She will stand by her actions and bear the painful consequences. Once I realize this, once she sees the acceptance in my eyes, she turns and begins walking away. Then she stops and shakes her head.

          "You humans..." she almost whispers, "you live a life of destruction. It permeates your existence. Yet when it threatens to touch the comfort of your own personal world, you are so quick to yell that the Gods have abandoned you...that the Urgods of Chaos have plotted against you – as if we had no other concerns than to look after individual humans."

        She pauses in her sadness before looking me straight in the eye. Her face softens a bit.

        "Think on what has been said here." She turns away from me and fades.

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Reader Comments (1)

Sekhmet knows the ways of power..And how it can become tricky when power becomes domination..
Ra has a "secret name".Ever wonder what it is?. I ask why does the light of the sun come forth from his mouth?
It is because Ra also swallows the sun.Ra is like a black hole/sun.When his power is harnessed and watched he transforms the sun into benevolence when humans are not watching and the gods do not care and get arrogant the humans get arrogant and obedient and power in a leader shines differently the power acts like a black hole sucking light out of the world so the ruler can project it out like a beacon to seduce the people with charisma because thier lights are dim from power being abused.So the king looks like a shining flame to those in the dark....

Sekhmet was called because Ra did not want to accept his creation wanted to explore to grow in thier own ways,he gave them a taste but no wisdom,because Ra has no wisdom.The people had a mind of thier own as well as a desire for love and to know power.To understand power one has to know good and evil.Chaos and order.To know WHY not to abuse power.

Mankind suffers because they do not keep Sekhmet close as guardians of thier heart,they force her out into the desert,make her drunk and an outcast,because Sekhmet is with Maat. Humans fear Maat.Sekhmet is truth..And speaking truth to selfish power,is dangerous Because arrogant kings call down wrath from thier thrones unaccountable..the insecure rulers be they mankind or gods who fancy themselves clever who think all light comes from himself, is only telling half the truth..All rulers swallow the light around himself to project it from himself ,like a beam to feed himself he is in effect a parasite ruler..

Sekhmet is far away,but she is coming back,she is sad she has been duped by her father and the neteru to scar her own heart for Ra sake.It is Ra who wanted to destroy humanity instead of sending Sekhmet to heal thier minds and hearts with her Maat. Ra feared they would no longer take care of him and would not respect him if they knew too much. Ras selfish arrogant assuming of inequality made the people who saw and had more wisdom than Ra rightiously angry.Ra wanted to control the people instead of letting his children SEE what was and learn firsthand the reasons why arrogance and"cleverness" hurts everything.Ra was like a parent/tyrant saying "no,because I said so" to people wanting to know more Why.

When A child gets a little taste of forbidden knowlege and wants more and the parent says no,he asks why,and when he is told crap like "because I said so" it drives him to find out for himself Why.Sometimes Asking gets him in trouble sometimes not..But the trouble often makes him wiser IF he is honest about what he has learned..So,to this day we ask Why and because so often we do not like the answer and hide from Maat,That the world creation is flawed from the beginning, we lie..and co create the conditions of chaos with abusers of power the abusers of Sekhmet.We balk that we have to do as Sekhmet has failed to do and eradicate the chaos within and without by out insight,love and sharing and right action/justice..All without losing control over our sense of maat,justice,sanity and empathyand ruthlessness either in our mercy or severety,as we are forced live with the Sociopaths bullies,authoritarians,manipulators, pedophiles and rapists because we refuse to see these people with this charisma and enchantment speaking rhetoric,lies and no truth..are not good and cannot be trusted with power.We will not stop these arrogant ones with pity,or terror and Sekhmet weeps for our unwillingness to destroy the destroyers that are destroying us.People in power who would rain destruction upon us if they cannot make us obedient and blind.

This is what I hear when Sekhmet spoke to me..

Why were there so many Statues of Sekhmet in Egypt,because Sekhmet kept power Checked.Her many eyes watched pharoh so he could not call her power upon the people.ever again,and abuse thier trust.

Sa Sekhem Sahu!


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