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Friday April 15, 2005: Spontaneous Psychic Overload

        There are scores of books about increasing one’s awareness of other realities, but relatively little information to help those overwhelmed by other dimensions. I thought it would be best to do another series for the spontaneous psychic, since I’ve received several panic letters from people looking for any type of advice which might bring their lives back in balance.

        Spontaneous psychics can be defined as those people who do not consciously seek out altered awareness but have other realities intruding into their everyday world. Dealing with multidimensional realities seems easier if one is born with the tendency. One learns to adapt, to figure out how reality appears to most people, and to separate out the realities which are better kept private. As one psychic said, "By the time I’d reached teenage years, I’d figured out how to take psychological profiling tests. When asked if I ever saw things other people could not see, or if I ever heard voices when no one was in the room, I knew better than to tell the truth. The best answer for the test was...no."

        When you grow up with other-world intrusions, you learn to recover from the initial disorientation, to evaluate and categorize the experience, and move back into relating to everyone else’s reality. By the time one reaches adulthood, the spontaneous psychic has either turned multidimensional awareness into a professional career or has learned to hide the quirky side of their nature from most of the people they encounter. Either way, they’ve become comfortable with the fact that this is just part of who they are and how their life plays out.

        It’s not so easy for people who in early adulthood suddenly find themselves bombarded by psychic impressions. I think it’s important to note right here that we are routinely bombarded by stimuli from the outside world. People don’t think twice about how often they ignore, pass over, or forget visual or auditory ‘noise.’ We ignore how many cars we pass on the way to work, how many people we walk past in a crowd, how many conversations are going on in the room. We routinely sort and separate out what is real from what is illusion, what appears true versus what is hype, what is interesting from what is truly relevant to our personal lives. How much advice do we hear in a day which we know is valid and could make a positive difference in our lives, but we choose not to act on it?

        When a person reaches adulthood and then other dimensions begin breaking through into their consciousness, there is a tendency to believe that every experience must be taken seriously. Realizing that an inner experience is not socially shared, the fear often arises that one might be crazy. We’ve all heard of mental illnesses which present with internal visions and/or voices. How does one separate multidimensional realities from delusions or hallucinations?

         Let’s start at the beginning. Your brain is geared to take incoming stimulation and attempt to match up patterns with something recognizable. There are people who have caught a glimpse of something in the road and momentarily panicked, thinking they’re seeing a severed human head. When they got closer, they discovered it’s only a crumpled paper bag or a mannequin’s head. We don’t call this type of experience an hallucination or delusion. Everyone laughs because we know that the brain has taken an incomplete impression and matched it to what it assumes is out there. As more information becomes available, the brain refines and corrects its interpretation.

          The impressions that the brain interprets can come from inside or outside the brain. We should look at the inside first. If you weren’t born psychic, and suddenly begin hearing voices or seeing visions, it may do well to look back over the time period prior to these experiences. Has your body undergone a shock or stress that might have thrown it out of balance? Later, we’ll discuss how some shocks or traumas can open doors to psychic awareness, and how – once you’re tuned into that level of awareness -- it becomes easy to see or hear what may have been there all along. Regardless, it’s always wisest to first rule out physical causes.

        Chemical imbalances, either from what has been ingested or what has been created within the body, may signal the need for professional help. If you’ve ingested something -- either because you’re taking experimental drugs (dummy), or because you’ve made changes in prescription drugs – or if you’ve altered dietary patterns (as in fasting or binging), then consider the possibility that your brain may be having portions triggered by biochemical imbalances which your mind is struggling to interpret. Have there been changes in your lifestyle or sleep patterns that could be putting unusual stress on the body? These could also alter body chemistry.

        How often do you stop and focus on how the inside of your body feels? It helps to have a reference point. If you go through isolated periods of intense psychic activity followed by quiet periods, check out how your body feels after each experience. Pick a day in your memory when everything was going right for you, when you were in perfect health and had abundant energy; and then compare those internal feelings to how your body feels during psychic overload. When a spontaneous psychic has damaged or weakened the aura (which can let in negative impressions) there may be a feeling as subtle as roughness, as if the aura has been shredded or grated.

         You may need professional help to get your body back to normal function. If you are hearing voices and there is any negativity to what the voices tell you, you should definitely get professional help. It is easier for someone with auditory (versus visual) overload to get professional help without ending up in a mental ward. "I’ve been bothered by thoughts about..." is low-keyed enough to get help, without revealing the dreaded "I’m hearing voices inside my head." Bring a list of any recent changes or stresses in your outer life, any medications or over-the-counter drugs/herbs which may be causing a reaction, and any internal impressions of your body being off-balance. If the doctor can correct a chemical imbalance and you still hear voices, then you’ll be better positioned to deal with it from the next level.

        It’s harder to go to a doctor if you suddenly begin seeing visual images. "I’m seeing dead people" only works in the movies. I think you’re better off telling a professional that your body has been feeling ‘off,’ and you worry about a chemical imbalance. If further explanation is needed, skirt the issue – you’re getting visual images that pop up randomly and don’t make sense, you know they aren’t there, your body doesn’t feel right, and you wonder about a chemical imbalance. This is being truthful, since you can tell that the images are not in the physical world (If you couldn’t separate out these realities, you wouldn’t be worried about what was happening).

        Again, I want to point out that – even if you are having true psychic impressions -- strengthening the body and aura will offer some protection and allow you to better deal with the phenomena. After you’ve ruled out a chemical imbalance, we can move on to the next step.

To be continued.....

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Thank you for this wonderful attempt at helping. It is greatly appreciated. I am wondering, if at the great old age of 31, how someone deals with the realization that they're "psychic" not in the visual sense. I seem to pick up physically on other people's thoughts, emotions. I've been through a great deal of emotional trouble and physical illness in my life and it is only recently I realized that it is related to the people around me and how well they are or what they are feeling. I don't want to continue this rollercoaster ride. I find myself hiding from meetings at work and from people that I know aren't well - it's starting to restrict my life because I'm only healthy when I'm physically away from other people but I am a social butterfly otherwise!!
January 8, 2006 | Unregistered Commentertroubled

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