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Saturday April 23, 2005: Let's Get Real about Psychic Impressions

          There are many things in our everyday life that we tend to ignore. People, such as those in the perfume or wine industry, can learn to fine-tune their senses to discriminate minute details that the average person would never notice. Learn to distinguish the sound of a perfectly-tuned engine, develop a pride in keeping it in perfect running order, and the slightest deviation will catch your attention above the din of other industrial noises. Develop your sense of musical pitch and tone, and an off-key instrument may ruin your enjoyment of a symphony.

        I say this because some traumatic or intense experiences have been known to trigger off psychic awareness. Hormonal changes in puberty (some claim the activation of the pineal gland) may activate dormant psychic tendencies. Once you become aware of how to look or listen at a particular level, you may find yourself picking up impressions that had earlier been ignored. It is possible that these sights or sounds were there all along, but you just didn’t pay attention.

        However, we need to get real about this. If you’re just starting to experience unusual impressions, you’ll never keep emotional balance unless you begin by searching for explanations in the everyday world. That includes the idea that your own psyche may be misleading you. You catch a glimpse of something, you do a double-take and find nothing's there. The psychic explanation may be to instantly insist you saw something from another dimension, but please – keep your feet on the ground. Sometimes the mind plays tricks on us, jumping to conclusions before it receives enough information to form an accurate interpretation.

        If you occasionally pick up a weird impression – let it go. Sometimes you are going to have to say to yourself, "that was weird," or "that was freaky," and just drop the subject. You may never be able to pin down what happened, and I guarantee you’ll get yourself worked into a lather if you believe every stray impression going through your mind must be tracked down and matched to some solid fact. Your mind produces a lot of junk that can safely be ignored.

        Even some powerful, undeniable psychic experiences may have to be down-played.  You may have ruled out everyday possibilities and still not have an answer for what happened. Get used to living with not knowing.  File it away and say, "That didn’t make sense.  Maybe someday I’ll have gained enough experience, or run across further information, and it will make more sense.  For now, I need to get on with living my life." 

         Many psychic impressions don’t make sense and it’s a waste of time to focus on any ‘deeper meaning.’ Even if you could track down a source and explanation for a strange occurrence, I'm willing to bet your final answer ends up having no relevance in your everyday life. So why get worked up over it?

        I think sometimes we forget how many random events occur in our everyday life that we routinely ignore. A plastic bag blows across the road and catches momentarily on the car grill. A leaf falls from a tree and lands at our feet. We don’t get hyper about it and ask, "Why is this happening to me?" We don't worry that it may be a message sent from another dimension.  Maybe we think we hear a distant phone ringing, or a distant siren through rolled-up car windows, yet more careful attention reveals nothing. We forget about it. We don’t keep dwelling on it.

         I do plan to cover psychic overload, but there are no simple answers. You can count on me being the last person to ever tell you there might be a psychic explanation for every strange occurrence.  Rather, most unexplained occurrences should be seen as part of everyday life.

         The key is to maintain emotional balance and focus on living a meaningful life. Personally, I think unless you stay open to the possibility that even the most undeniable psychic phenomena may also have a down-to-earth explanation, you'll end up running in circles and wasting a lot of time. Multidimensional awareness should help you grow into a more authentic and insightful person. Don't let yourself be distracted by life's insignificant and trivial details.  

To be continued.....

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This is the most responsible advice about this topic that I have found on the net or in books. Thanks for posting this article.
May 31, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
I agree, this is a post. Not like the others to keep telling you you're psychic just because of a few coincidences.
March 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbest psychic
..sorry, I meant to say this is a GREAT post.
March 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbest psychic

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