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Saturday, February 4, 2006: Starting: Profound Mystical Experiences

          I’ve been procrastinating about writing an article on my more profound mystical encounters. I’m aware that it’s part of the mystic tradition not to speak of these experiences--because the experience is so personal, because it occurs beyond the realm of time, space and thoughts (making it hard to put in words) and because of the desire to maintain humility.

          I am also aware, from my scientific background, that unless we mystics do start revisiting these experiences, pulling them apart to figure out how our brain records these events and what conclusions we can draw from these experiences about the nature of reality, then we are missing the chance to increase understanding of human awareness and how it functions in the everyday world. If we do not share more information with spiritual seekers, we make their journey that much harder.

          I hope to break this subject into small enough units that I bypass my inner reluctance to discuss my personal mystical encounters, though I’m preparing myself for the possibility of hitting writer’s block somewhere along the line. In that case, I will try to come back later to complete the articles. I also realize my current schedule makes it difficult to find time to develop these ideas to the level I would desire. Let this be an outline, if need be, with the idea of starting a conversation.

         I should point out that these profound events took place after forty years and almost a thousand significant and varied experiences within multidimensional realities. The advantage of having such an extensive and varied background is that I never felt the need to cling to any one experience as being an ultimate reality. I felt neither the compulsion to go back and try to repeat a single type of experience, nor the desire to favor a single awareness level.  I never saw myself as being special because of these inner experiences; rather I believed it was part of the human potential.

          All too often, I think we sell ourselves and our species short. It is beyond my personal abilities to look at the calculations of a world-class theoretical mathematician or physicist and to understand and duplicate their thought processes. Yet I accept their abilities as being part of the human potential. Some people are gifted with mathematical abilities; they build a foundation of solid knowledge and then seek out their own answers, pushing the boundaries of human understanding in the process. Not everyone can be successful in a career such as this; many may not be able to get beyond the basic math concepts needed for everyday living.  Despite that reality, we do not give the brightest and most innovated mathematicians carte blanche to determine how the rest of us live our lives.

          I think if more people realized that, like math, mystic insights are part of the human potential, they would be more focused on exploring their own potential, on evaluating their spontaneous excursions into new realms. They would realize each experience, no matter how profound, needs to be put in context and used to build a foundation for further learning. They would be less likely to accept that any one person--from any time period--has been given exclusive rights to interpret God’s will or the meaning of reality.

The answers are within us and within the world around us. We can be guided to those answers by inner or outer teachers/mentors, by our own observations and intuition, and by the help of others. I hope the entries that follow will open up a conversation about how far the human potential may reach.

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WOW! I am happy you are opening up this terrain with your voice. I don't think mystic experience is ineffable, it is worth to express it.
February 22, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCL

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