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Sunday April 23, 2006: Personal: Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

No matter how many times I think of a great blog article and just need time to get my creative thoughts down on 'paper', I am stymied to find some other requirement, obligation or responsibility pops up and takes center stage.  I'm not sure if this is just me getting sidetracked, or if I am not taking blogging as seriously as the die-hards, or if it is the plight of most women--being pulled in too many directions at the same time.

Some days I do a great job of multitasking: I've always been able to juggle a wide range of priorities and keep other people (like my kids) on track with their obligations.  Lately, I find myself dropping an occasional ball--a great source of embarrassment.  Should I write the occasional blunders off as senior moments, as wedding and moving stress, or as having neglected my introvert needs for so many months I'm losing my usual inner balance?

I have not given up on blogging but realistically have given up hope of generating any new entries until after the wedding, my youngest son's graduation, and my move into Randy's house.  I've almost finished up my work with three separate lawyers (none of these ordeals nerve-wracking at the present moment).  Getting my house ready to sell--that may take time, but I hope the ordeal can be balanced with things that nurture my soul.  If I can hold out a few weeks, my piano will be refinished and moved to Randy's.  How I long for the free time to work on music or writing. Both are such a balance for everyday pressures.

For those who wonder why I've  stepped away from journal entries, be assured that I will return in another few months. Wish me luck keeping my juggling balls in the air. I'll report back later.

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