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Tuesday, December 22, 2009: short (appreciation)

         I’m a big one for appreciating all that’s come into my life.  When I look at gifts given years ago and feel a resurgence of gratitude, I don’t hesitate to call or write and let the gift-giver know their thoughtfulness and generosity is still being appreciated.  When I look at repair jobs my husband has done weeks or months before, even though I’ve already told him how nice it is to have things fixed, I tell him again.

         I realize some people just do what they do and they don’t expect or need thanks, but I believe that everyone likes being appreciated. Sometimes the smallest things done during the day, the things most taken for granted, are exactly the things that need to be acknowledged.  

        Most people I know make sacrifices, take on responsibility, and try to accommodate the wishes of those around them. When I am more aware of their contributions, when I show my appreciation for their efforts, the feelings of gratitude inside me expand and make my life more enriched.  

       This season is the perfect time to focus on not taking life---or people---for granted.  Even more, I’d hope to bring this awareness to every day and every season in my life.

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