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Saturday, December 26, 2009: Balance

         My 87-year-old mother has a personal goal of doing something each day that contributes to her physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. Wise woman. 

      I want to follow her example on a daily basis, but wonder if the four daily aspects will ever fit into my lifestyle. Is it just a matter of some personalities thriving on routine? Nothing (come hell, high water, or family pressures) ever interfered with my ex’s spiritual disciplines or social commitments. My current husband gets in his physical routine and his reading whether he is a house guest, stuck in an airport, or camping in the back woods. Always I seem to squeeze my personal activities into empty spaces of time.

       Is this a mother thing? Did my mother devise her balanced activity list only after she had acclimated to a slower retired life? It is such a challenge for me to get in all four aspects each and every day, to not be sidetracked by house and family obligations, to not get focused on a single project that takes up all my spare time. Perhaps I’ll have better luck balancing out the physical, mental, spiritual and social needs in my life on a weekly basis.

          Sounds like a New Year’s plan.

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