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Monday, December 28, 2009: (Heron as totem)


     A blue heron (which happens to be my totem) has taken up residence at our home.  My sister-in-law, Nancy Neumann, does these amazing three-dimensional art pieces out of paper mache: sometimes built up on canvas, sometimes free-standing. Randy and I had originally commissioned her to do a large owl, but the artistic inspiration always stalled: a large canvas wouldn’t look right with a single bird, she decided.

        The blue heron is Nancy’s totem animal, and for years this life-sized piece resided at her home studio, where she resisted offers of strangers to buy it. When she moved her art endeavors into town, she let us buy the heron, feeling better knowing her totem would stay in the family.

        I have seen many birds up close in the wild. There is thrilling to see the larger birds (egrets, sand hill cranes or eagles) up close. However, nothing ever matches the feeling I get when I see a blue heron flying past. It completes something deep inside me.

        To walk past the art sculpture now, on a daily basis, rekindles that sense of completion. Is it just coincidence that I have returned to my writing and my spiritual disciplines since its arrival in our home?

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