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Wednesday, May 27, 2009: The Trouble with Thought Crimes

         There have been several letters from teenagers, wanting to know how one ‘gets into someone else’s head’, meaning either reading the thoughts of a particular individual or else placing your own thoughts in another person’s awareness. I am always against such actions, but it seems hard to convince teenagers who only see possibilities without any consequences. Teenage years can be a highly active period for psychic activity, at the exact stage of life when some judgement centers of the brain are not fully developed. (Sorry kids, but those areas of the brain do not mature until nearly thirty, no matter how grown-up you feel).

         Early in the process of learning about relationships, a sense of discomfort and shyness make short-cuts appear direct, effective and safe, sans any risk of rejection. However, manipulating a relationship never bodes well in the long run. There are two ways to look at this problem.

         If you are a typical teenager, unfortunate enough to have someone putting thoughts into your head, I’m not about to teach you to return ‘tit for tat.’ Rather, I feel it is best to talk about your feelings and suspicions, to remind the person that relationships are built on trust and respect. No one can have their inner-most private moments invaded without feeling spied upon and building up walls of defense. If you want to continue the relationship, for heavens sake—talk it out. This may mean revealing some of your insecurities, but in a worthwhile relationship the other person should understand and care enough about your feelings to change their behavior. If he or she has a question, they should be asking it directly. If he or she wants something from you, they should trust the good will generated by mutual respect.

        Reading each other’s minds is not the way to get close. In a healthy relationship, sometimes you may find yourselves ‘on the same wavelength’, and thoughts may end up in sync. These can be wonderfully uplifting and deepen the bonds of affection and trust. There may be desperate times of reaching out for emotional support when I also consider mind-connecting to be a good thing. Spontaneous moments like this are genuine and healthy.

        It is quite a different situation when two people are not in agreement but there is a vested interest in one person pushing for his or her preferred end result. It is always counterproductive to building a solid relationship if both people’s needs, desires and feelings are not being honored in the relationship. The mark of a mature, honest, functional relationship shows up in how you work out the differences, not in how much you think and act alike. If you find your space being invaded by someone who can not treat you with the dignity, empathy and compassion you deserve, look for another relationship.

        If you are a spontaneous psychic, the issue becomes more complicated. With enough effort you can probably figure out how to read other people’s minds or project thoughts. Me telling you not to invade someone’s privacy may not stop you from pushing to see what you can or can’t do. Karma is your problem. The more your awareness develops, the faster some of these dishonest moves will come back to bite you. Yes, you know invading someone’s space is dishonest. What you may not be willing to acknowledge is the long term effects. It’s always hard as a teenager to envision life twenty or forty years down the road.

        People who manipulate relationships, either using common place non-verbal tricks of rapport building, or more subtle forms of mental telepathy, create an atmosphere that eventually push away people who are spontaneously open and friendly. You can’t push thoughts into someone’s head without first setting up your own distance in the relationship. In the contemplation or act of manipulating, you will not be responding in a genuinely open, friendly manner. Think about the attitude that justifies invading someone else’s space and overriding their best interests. You create an aura, an attitude that over time creates a circle of friends who are either also into using other people as means to their ends, or friends who feel most comfortable with some degree of dysfunction in their relationships. Is that really the world you want to end up living in?

        Every time you open your mind to push your thoughts outward, you also increase your vulnerability to lower astral encounters. Again, I warn spontaneous psychics that keeping your own aura brightly lit with positive emotions is the best defense to protect yourself from negative experiences.
Spontaneous psychics may often have thoughts of others popping into their heads. You can’t stop some experiences from just happening. I’ve learned to ignore extraneous thoughts, precisely because other people deserve their privacy and these thoughts are not being consciously sent to me. First, however, you have to recognize these thoughts as being foreign. If you can’t do that, you may begin to doubt your own sanity.

        For teens just opening to other worlds and the possibilities of new awareness levels, what I can strongly suggest is that you look into meditation. Meditation will serve as a means of centering yourself and maintaining your own emotional stability, and as a means of understanding how your own mind works so you can better identify foreign thoughts.

        Search for respected groups ( I prefer yoga or Buddhist group meditations) or use your higher intuition to lead you to spiritual mediation books. Avoid “How to be a Psychic” books and look for techniques which focus on developing you as a more caring, compassionate and authentic individual. I hope to go through some basics of meditation in future entries, but meditation encompasses many forms and techniques. Always seek the higher path. Don’t look to experts without also checking your own ‘gut feeling.’ Find what works for you.

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You're quite right, the power of meditation can never be underestimated. Also, I think there is a lot of confusion about spontaneous psychics and the effect of just being on the same wavelengh.

A good article.

June 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTarot UK

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