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Wednesday June 10, 2009: A Sage's advice

On the occassion of Rama's birthday, my beloved mentor Dr. V.G. Kulkarni sent this letter to his friends. He has kindly allowed me to share it with you. How different the act of living becomes when you focus on bringing an awareness of the Divine into your everyday life....

"This is the continuation about the retreats that Swami Rama used
to conduct -

"We should perceive the presence of the Divine in and around us.
This perception should be uninterrupted and continuous. Our daily
activities should be so modified that the perception of the Divine
should be through them.

"When we get up from our bed, we should thank the Lord for a
beautiful night's rest. Pray for a wonderful day and start the daily
routine. When we get under the shower, water flows all over the body.
We use soap etc and come out clean. Can we take this shower with this
feeling - "god, in the form of water, is all over me. He is cleaning
me. I am clean. I am pure. I am holy. I am strong. I am fearless. I am
now fit to do my work'. If we feel the presence of the Divine in
water, that is such a boon.

"When we go out for a walk, fresh air is so welcome. It enters the
system, cleans our blood and makes us healthy. Can we say - 'The
Divine, in the form of air, is entering my body. He is cleaning my
blood. I am getting stronger. I am fearless. I am happy.' This
perception of the Divine in the air is wonderful. If possible we can
chant 'Sohum' with the breath.

"Whenever we eat, in the West we say - 'Thank you Lord for the food
you gave us today'. In the East we say - 'Food is Brahman. Food is
Divine. This food is entering my system to make me strong. I am happy. I
am blissful'. We can thus feel the Divine in our food.

"Whenever we meet somebody. We talk. We see each other. The
beautiful eyes, the sweet words indicate a living being. If a person
is alive, there is a life-principle in him or her. That means that
there is a soul in the body. The soul is a part of the Supreme self.
So, when we see somebody, our mind should fly beyond the physical
appearance and see the soul inside. Since the soul is the Supreme
Self, we are in the presence of the Divine.

"We are all body-centered. That gives rise to 'I' and 'mine'. The
perception of the Divine should take us beyond the body to the domain
of the Divine. Then we will be fearless. Work will be a pleasure. The
body will be a bulb giving out Divine light. That is uninterrupted
continuous perception of the Divine."

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