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Friday, August 7, 2009: Encounters with Loved Ones After Their Death

        I can't tell you how many stories I've heard from friends and relatives about seeing a loved one after the loved one has died, either in a vision within the everyday world or in the dream state. In every case I recall, the loved one's death had been sudden and the experiences took place within a few days or a few weeks of the accident. In most cases, the living person may be sensitive and have occasional intuitive or psychic experiences, but is not an experienced psychic. People telling me these stories felt neither uncomfortable nor uneasy during the experience, but rather remembered an openness and sense of familiar comfort. It was only afterward, in trying to relate the story or put it in context that the living person began questioning the experience's reality.

        I have noticed some differences between the awakened and dream experiences.

        In the awakened visions, there is no reason for the living person to know a death has occurred. Though the experience occurs in the everyday world, it is markedly different from seeing ghosts. The living know the recently deceased, have a close bond and feel none of the discomfort, uneasiness or fear that comes with typical ghost encounters.

        Ghosts hang around because of unfinished emotional issues or because they have not yet realized they are dead. Even the friendly ghosts (these usually don't know they are dead) may leave the living with goose bumps or an uneasy feeling upon first encounter. Unfriendly ghosts may create an instant fear reaction. While people who work with ghosts learn to latch onto these sensations and approach them without fear, even a benign ghost experience elicits an uneasy feeling from an everyday person caught off guard. This differs from the awakened encounters with loved ones in which the living feel no sense of negative reaction, only surprise at an unexpected visit.

        Relatives (for these are the cases I've heard about) appear at a gate or doorway in a physical body that seems in good health and undamaged. There is no communication other than visual presence. The living person may call out or attempt conversation but gets no response. When the living person turns to look at something else and then turns back to the relative, the relative has disappeared. Shortly after, the living person receives news that their 'visitor' had died in an accident just prior to their mysterious and silent appearance.

        Dream state experiences tend to take place after the living hear about the death. The living may be experiencing deep regret or mourning over the loss. The recently deceased (for these dream experiences usually occur within the first few weeks) appear in the dream state with a sense of reality totally unlike usual dream occurrences. The dreamer realizes he/she is in the dreamstate, that they are with someone who has already died but now appears before them seeming every bit as alive as in previous encounters. Dream experiences do involve conversations. The living person awakens with a sense of peace and closure, a feeling that it is all right to get on with their own lives because the deceased is fine. Both sides know the love bond continues beyond death.

        I chose to believe that when loved loves die unexpectedly, they are quite able to move on to higher planes of awareness, but want one last contact with the ones they leave behind. They understand the pain and grief their death will cause and, since the spirit or soul that continues after death is free of pain and suffering, they reach out to reassure the living.

        How should one approach the experience? If you don’t believe in psychic experiences, then approach this experience as a resolution of conflict/regret/grief that has taken place within your own psyche. Again, I stress that it only wastes time to focus on proving or disproving these experiences. If it has an impact on your life or the way you feel about yourself and the world, then it is a valid experience. We can learn from our dreams just as well as we learn from everyday world experiences if we focus on the emotional changes and insights that come to us.

        If you are the type to believe in psychic experiences, then there is little more to do than take comfort and know the loved one is at peace and doing well within the higher worlds. If you need further closure, write letters or reach out in mediation or prayer and share your feelings. Love bonds can carry across time, space and realities. While a living person may not pick up on the message, I believe most beings in the higher worlds can. Hold onto the sweetness of that last contact because it is a measure of the love and concern someone has for you, even if your paths must part.

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