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Wednesday, January 13, 2010: Meditative Focus 

             Learning to still the mind is often difficult for beginners. It is easier to begin the discipline by focusing on breath: gently count each breath up to five (start over with one after completion of the set) or mentally identify each breath as ‘in’ or ‘out’. Many prefer to focus on reciting a mantra. Longer mantras from Hindu or Buddhist rituals are available, but it may be easiest to begin with a single word mantra, such as Om, Aum, Amen, Lord, peace, etc.

             Do not attempt to vigorously hold the mind’s attention but lovingly embrace the word or words. I do believe that opening one’s heart and engaging positive emotions of love, peace, joy or appreciation, brings better results than struggling to hold the attention by sheer will power.  In fact, trying through mental focus to still the mind often brings more random thoughts scurrying past our attention. If so, let these thoughts past without giving them attention. Let them scurry past and go back to gently focusing on the mantra or breath. Surround the word with tender emotions. The more you learn to still the mind during meditations, the quieter the mind becomes during non-meditative moments.

          Using a mantra for focus is still used by the more experienced, if only in the initial phase of meditation prior to sinking into stillness. Do your own experiments from time to time.

*Pull in divine love as an emotion, allowing it to fill your entire being, and then radiate it back outward into the everyday world. Take on responsibility for bringing more divine energy and balance into your community and the rest of the world.

*See the outer world as vibrating molecules of Om which you breathe in, mix with your own internal molecules and breathe back out into the universe. Become the cycle of creator and created.

*Try adding color to the breaths you pull in and release. Colors like orange and green can be used for healing; yellow, blue and white may strengthen and enlarge the aura. If you are uncertain which color to use, try breathing in a full rainbow.

*Let Om expand into a single word/sound extending outward without ending.

*Begin with a single Om and let it fade as you continue listening, until there is no sound but the vibration of Om.

*Let your mantra become so much a focus that it dissolves the body and you become the mantra. Or focus on peace or joy so that it fills the body and mind, removing awareness of everything but the emotion itself.

          Bring life, enthusiasm and delight into your meditations.  Powerful inner truths can be discovered within the stillness of meditation. The mind wraps those truths in words and images until truth loses its freshness and power. Rediscovering a recognized and established truth in new forms keeps us moving forward in our spiritual unfoldment.  

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