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Friday, January 15, 2010: Protection from Psychic Attacks

 Comment received by J.G. on my entry about [Psychic Attacks:]

         “There's this girl that has an OOBE without being fully asleep.but an evil girl at times she grabs my heart as to giving me a heart attack.yesterday she was chocking my sister..my sister for crying out loud!!and I knw he person when I called her she sounded like she was on drugs or something I told her I was goof to call the cops cuz she was going to kill me by the time they get to her house schocked *** he'll I tried calling her until she answered and her spirit was more calm..what do I do to get this witch off out of my head and were can I get help she's a dangerous girl..here's her number to try and convince her off I'm afraid that she has the power to choke someone and thier heart total murder...I need to know what to do please help she's intertwining in my mind as we speak who can I talk to?! Tahnk you peoples lifes are at state innocent lifes that she thinks she could just **** with!”

        It’s hard for me to figure out from this letter exactly what is the situation here. If someone is physically touching you and/or making verbal threats that she intends to psychically harm you, then a first step would be checking with civil authorities about a restraining order that keeps the person from coming close or communicating with you. If you are convinced this is all being done on a psychic level, you might be able to find a professional psychic who (for a fee) would take on the job of running interference. I’m not in the position to do either of these things for you, nor can I recommend a profession psychic who is ethical and not just putting on a show. A powerful, ethical psychic may be out there who can help you but I don't hang around with professionals.

        There are other issues to consider, mainly your fear. Your fear gives her power. Either the illusion of psychic power is her only control over you or she is capable of directing negative energy in a psychic attack. Either way, conquering your fear is an essential defense.

        There is a reason Jesus Christ said, “Resist not evil.” When you are totally filled with divine love and radiate it confidently outward to all creation (including the attacker) you become transparent to negative energies. Without any fear as a point of attachment, negative energy travels through you and swings back around to hit the source of negativity in the face. Believe me, I’ve seen this happen.

        You have to extend love to this person until you see her as a harmless butterfly, making a lot of frantic gestures that are powerless to actually harm you. In the face of these butterfly attacks, you send back love to surround her aura, in hopes love will help resolve the inner conflict that makes her act out in this manner against others. I’d suggest doing this from a distance, minimizing closer contact until you feel totally confident about your own safety.

        Getting to this point may not be easy. Seek out spiritual guidance to help center yourself on the solid belief of divine protection. Surround yourself with white light or visualize the image of your spiritual protector (all-powerful) wrapping a protective cloak around you. Or use completion techniques [discussed here] to remove the fear that makes you vulnerable.

            I’ve been up against negative lower astral beings and been unable to get past my fear. In these cases, another person, less sensitive to the vibrations, helped create an area of protection until I could bring my own emotions under control. However,J.G., I don’t think this woman could be that negative and maintain a physical body.  

         I'm more inclined to believe she is playing off your fear and that is giving her power. Or a low-level astral entity has latched onto and is feeding off your fear (in which case this woman would have nothing to do with your attacks). Remember that positive energy wins out over negative energy.  These attacks do not have to be a part of your life.

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