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Monday, January 4, 2010: Increasing Spiritual Awareness

       If you want to increase your awareness of other dimensions, begin by changing your expectations.  Don’t use other dimensions to escape your responsibilities to this one. If you are bored with this dimension and unwilling to find the lessons in front of you now, your mindset will only lead you on wild goose chases through the more subtle awareness levels, a process dangerous or destructive to the happiness you deserve to find.

      The lessons of God are all around us.  Increase your awareness by looking at the world you live in. A fictional story often uses one set of actions as the analogy of a universal theme. The events of ‘real life’ are much the same---even if most of us are too busy to step back and reevaluate what is happening.

      Spiritual paths speak of detachment (or faith) because tradition has shown that active emotional involvement blocks the awareness of subtle patterns. With or without a tradition to lead you, it is possible to build awareness.  Ask those in the inner worlds (or ask your own psyche) for the chance to see truth. Then observe the world around you as if you have never seen truth before, as if you are starting all over to learn what is present before you.  Give up the judgment of what is right and wrong, or how others have told you it must be.  Learn to listen to what lies deep within you.


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