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Friday, January 8, 2010: Meditation for Relaxing

            The yogis have a simple beginning meditation that trains the body to relax. Once the technique is learned it becomes simply a matter of closing the eyes and taking a deep breath to find yourself in a relaxed condition for a deeper meditation.

            Find a comfortable position: you may sit cross-legged on the floor (sitting on a firm pillow or folded blanket raises the butt and reduces tension on the legs), or sit in a chair with knees at a ninety-degree angle and feet touching floor (preferably without shoes). Your back should be relaxed but straight. You want a relaxed, neutral curve in your lower back but may need to extend the neck to straighten the upper back. 

             Many yogis wrap themselves in a prayer shawl or blanket so cold drafts (or cold feet) do not disturb their focus. This is optional if you are just beginning; your attention will be focused on the relaxation process.

            Close your eyes and visualize a soft blue light at the top of your head as it slowly, very slowly descends downward. You control the rate this light descends, allowing it to melt away all tensions in one body area before moving the light to a new area.

         As it fills your head, feel your facial muscles relax.  Move the soft blue light down your neck, letting the tension melt out of your neck and shoulder muscles. When these are relaxed, let the blue light travel slowly out your arms to the fingertips, relaxing muscles as you go. Don’t rush but feel muscles fully relaxed before you extend the light further.  Let the light ascend back up to the shoulders and then let it travel slowly down the trunk, relaxing back, chest and stomach muscles. Let the blue light to travel slowly down your legs to your feet and back up; then let it travel slowly up the spinal cord to the top of the head. Take your time, being sure the blue light has melted all tension away before proceeding to the next area.

            By the time the blue light gets back to the top of the head, everything should be fully relaxed. If you have difficult areas that remain tight, focus breathing blue light in and out of the area, acknowledging the pain but letting the blue light seep through the area. It is enough in the beginning stages to simply sit at the end of this process and continue breathing quietly, visualizing soft blue light as it fills your body with peace and contentment.

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