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Tuesday, October 26, 2010: The Aftermath of Suicide


                     "Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark."

                                                ---George Iles

          Today we are reeling from the suicide of one of my son's life-long friends. Overwhelming personal conflict? Biochemical depression? We'll never know. All people carry their own demons inside, hidden from the world.

         For now, those of us left to mourn will search our hearts, wondering if we could have reached out sooner, recognized sooner the desperation eating away a loved one's will to survive. For now we will struggle to support each other, to ease the pain and confusion of the tragedy.

           I sat in long meditation this morning, letting my heart surround not only my own emotions but the emotions of friends and family, to offer the pain up to the timelessness of the Divine, to take the suffering of this world and release it into the unlimited totality. Hope and faith still reside within, and as much as I should write more (because I need to reach out to people who can understand but whose pain is not so acute), the words are not there. Not today.

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