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Wednesday, February 10, 2010: Snow day

O Winter! ruler of the inverted year,…

I crown thee king of intimate delights,

Fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness,

And all the comforts that the lowly roof

Of undisturb’d Retirement, and the hours

Of long uninterrupted evening, know.

                                          ---William Cowper


         It snowed heavily last night. January and the first week of February teased us with light blowing snow and cold rains.  Plowing services (desperate to generate income) resorted to plowing early on any day they might claim an inch of snow. They plowed before the thin layer of white could melt away on its own, hoping owners were understand and not complain about the billing. After all, there was so little snow...

         Today, Michigan looks like winter. Already I hear neighbors out shoveling by hand or revving up snow blowers, determined to clear driveways so they can get into work. A moment later…wheels spinning in the snow beyond the driveway, where snow is still deep and untouched. Our little street is seldom plowed by the city and the neighbor may be stuck for some time, rocking the car, shoveling out around the tires and putting kitty litter down for grip.  Now the sound of a bigger engine, the grating of a snow plow blade. This will be one of the plowing services hired by private owners to clear driveways.  It will not help the neighbor, unable to get to the main city streets.

           Facebook is filled this morning with explanation points and upper case letters ---the delight of high school and middle school teachers and students who are freed from showing up at school. It is also filled with frowning icons of disbelief: the dismay of college freshmen just discovering that they are now in a grown-up world, classes seldom canceled for something as trivial as snow.   

           Our plowing service does not come early, his commercial contracts demanding attention first. Today R. will work from home. I will forgo an early morning Tai Chi class and spend the time shoveling sidewalks. I will retreat to the basement treadmill for my afternoon exercise and enjoy coming back up stairs to stare out windows onto snow-laiden  branches. We will build a fire and snuggle up, grateful we are no longer bound to a time clock.

           Today we take a snow day. Michigan has finally become a winter wonderland.


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