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Sunday: February 7. 2010: Empaths

Empath: a term I never heard applied to psychic sensitivities until….maybe Star Trek: the Next Generation. It is now used to describe psychics who are hyper-sensitive to the emotions of others, and I’m glad to see it finally recognized as a psychic ‘talent’.  Actually, it’s a curse until you learn to control it.

            If you are just highly sensitive or empathic to others’ emotions, when you stand in front of someone as they describe the difficulty of a parent’s illness, they may be under emotional control but you end up with tears streaming down your face. You ‘feel’ all the emotional pain they’ve been through or that they are currently repressing. You can toughen yourself up, but I prefer to let the tears flow and not resist the emotions flowing through me. Surround the emotional pain with love and let the love flow back to the friend in need.

            An empath can walk into an empty room and get hit with residual emotions of people who just left the room still bitter after a heated argument. You feel like you’ve been hit in the solar plexus or gut. Identify the source as outside yourself to minimize its effect.

            An empath can start driving home on the freeway in a perfectly good mood, only to find themselves suddenly distraught, crying and wondering what in heaven’s name brought on this emotional outburst. The logic part of your mind can find no explanation and yet the emotions continue until you pass a certain exit, at which point the emotions fade (as if moving out of range). Wipe away your tears, and then figure out if there might be any underlying conflicts in your life or if this experience should be written off as someone else’s upset.

            An empath may take on the pain and suffering of others going through health problems. It’s not a pleasant life, until you learn to handle your own energy fields.

          More than most people (psychic or not) you need to learn how to strengthen your aura, focus on your own center of well-being, and find a system for dealing with outside impressions. Never give yourself the luxury of leaving your awareness consciously or unconsciously open to ‘everything’, unless you are in really friendly surroundings.

          Honest, you can learn to open to friends at the same time you are closing yourself off to crowds or passerbys. I’ll go in more detail in later posts, but would love to hear from empaths about how they learned to cope or about the problems they still face.

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