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Friday, March 19, 2010: (Gillian Welch Quote: Winter's Come and Gone)

"So long have I been out

in the rain and snow,

But winter’s come and gone

A little bird told me so."

---Gillian Welch

         Yes, I know temperatures are expected to dip low again this weekend in Michigan. We may see snow. My heart refuses to expect more than a light dusting.  I refuse to believe it will stick to the ground, will threaten the green shoots and plump buds already emerging. It will only be a feeble attempt to delay the forward march of time, winter's fingers having grown too weak to hold the land much longer. (By the following weekend, temperatures are expected to be back in the fifties.)

         For how long? Michigan can have snow as late as May. We Michiganders are conditioned to fickle spring weather. We gather on the street, basking in the sun’s warmth and trying to hold off the unbridled enthusiasm that our snow shovels can be put away.

         The wrens and chickadees now sing thier sweetest songs, the woodpeckers hammer out urgent invitations, the cardinals show up in their brightest courting colors. Does it matter if the future holds a few last snow flurries?  My heart is ready. Its winter resting is over.

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