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Sunday, April 25, 2010: Maintaining Balance: Voices in Your Head

           Anyone born psychic quickly learns not to be entirely truthful for psychological profile testing.  You never admit that you see things other people don't see.  You never admit you hear voices when no one else is in the room.  That problem aside, you are still left having to deal with three basic types of inner voices. 

          First is mental telepathy or clairaudio messages intentionally sent to you by other people.  For those who are very sensitive, stray thoughts are occasionally picked up from nearby people.  If there is doubt over where the thought originates, start by checking your own inner state.  Was there anything in your environment or recent experience that would normally trigger such a thought in you?  Is it consistent with your own way of thinking or reacting?  Does it really require action on your part?  If a stranger on the street were to come up and make this request or comment, how would you react?  Most often stray remarks can and should be ignored.

          There should be no problem with strong impressions.  They should carry identification of the person or type of person who sent the message.  They will emotionally have a different feel or texture from your own thoughts.  All of this assumes you understand how your own thoughts originate and flow through your mind.  Learning about this process is one reason people take up meditation.

           Second are thoughts from your lower nature, created by strong conflicts between deep personal feelings and inflexible social conditioning, or by chemical imbalances.  If the individual is unable to accept the thought as originating within his or her own psyche, the voice will be interpreted as an outside voice. 

           Any voice that prompts you to a negative action should be ignored.  You don't have to do anything.  What a negative thought should signal is the need to explore your current situation for emotional conflicts.  Get professional help if necessary.   "I am struggling with thoughts about..." is a reasonable explanation.

          Third are thoughts from multidimensional entities.  No matter what name or title is given by an entity, you have every right to question what you're hearing.  From my experience, the only entities unwilling to work with a questioning, rational individual are exactly those entities you should ignore.  Tell them to bug off.

          If you think a higher being is giving you a mission and the mission involves changing anyone other than yourself, be cautious -- extra cautious.  Do you honestly have the necessary credentials to be hired by a public firm for such a mission or would your primary strength reside in speaking for some Higher Power?  What do you have to gain by proclaiming yourself a messenger?

         Picture yourself on the cover of a national magazine, gaining public recognition for the importance of your message.  If you feel any satisfaction or pleasure from the idea or a sense of power in persuading people toward your viewpoint, then the voice you hear is originating in your own ego.  This is especially true if you have been feeling restless or ineffective in your everyday life.   Face your own inner issues and then take another look at the mission.

          If the mission involves the call for more love, compassion and responsibility, you can argue the need for action based on its own merits.  The need for humanity to live by higher ideals is never outdated.  You can fulfill your personal mission without publicly hiding behind the name of God. 

           Messengers of God who preach intolerance and threaten God's wrath to all non-believers should to be avoided.  Don't become one.  Don't follow one.  The Divine that is all-powerful and all-enduring does not need to be defended.  The right course of action may need defense, but that is different and can be judged by human reason and compassion.

         If you keep hearing an inner message and it's not geared towards helping others develop their own independence, responsibility and compassion; if you still want to pursue the mission and bring it to public action -- then at least take personal responsibility for the mission's origin and be prepared to assume personal responsibility for the results.  Don't blame your actions on God's Will.  Any advice from an inner voice has to be considered on its own merits.

      Remember:  In the physical world you are bombarded every day by information.  There's more advice than any one person could ever use.  Every day you decide what information is valid and relevant to your life and when you should alter old concepts because of new insights.

     The higher worlds are no different.  Don't ever kid yourself that just because someone doesn't have a physical body that their advice must be solid gold.  It is your life.  You pay the consequences.         


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