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Sunday, May 23, 2010: Emotions, Music, and the Chakras

        "Music crystalizes the emotions." Having seen how music activates the chakras, I wonder at the interaction of emotions and chakras. Chakras can be activated internally or externally. I briefly explore various emotional states, focusing and projecting specific emotions to watch how chakra patterns react. I’m surprised to find the patterns much more diffuse than when I watch chakras activated externally from music. This is despite my best attempt to generate emotions that are pure, simple, and securely focused.

         If I open my heart and pour out love to the divine, I see the result as strong and dense with a soft border -- an expansive circle, reaching from heart to crown chakras. I’m uncertain whether the circle seems so diffuse and blended because generating feelings internally removes part of my observational detachment and therefore the ability to discern detail, or whether the chakras are designed to function as an interconnected unit within the body, in a manner similar to the physical body systems.

        I can’t help mulling over the differences of internally and externally generated activation. I think back to yesterday, when a co-worker became angry (at someone else) and we were all subjected to an intense outflow of previously pent-up, bitter resentment. Besides feeling the impact of her emotions, you could feel everyone else hunkering down in their seats defensively. It was quite amazing to watch how her outburst affected people who were not even in the line of fire. Once chakras are activated by an outside source, there seems to be an overriding tendency to respond internally, reactivating one's chakras from within.

        The problem is that chakras activated internally are connected with memories, personality, and conditioned responses, any of which can stir up defense systems. Once defense systems are activated, energy no longer flows as freely through the chakras. The degree of deflection in the flow through the chakras seems to influence the distortion or negativity of emotions consciously or unconsciously expressed.

          As humans, we pride ourselves on being a thinking species; yet, face it---in day to day life, we remain primarily creatures driven by emotions. Part of the discipline of spiritual detachment should be awareness  of how often external influences affect out internal responses and choices.

        Watch the power of charismatic speakers and how they activate one’s emotional connection to their cause; watch the way group enthusiasm can override one’s normal behavior and even one’s normal code of conduct. These are strong outside sources activating the chakras. The human tendency-- once we find ourselves reacting emotionally-- is to start rationalizing and justifying whatever feelings have been aroused.

          If you don’t want to be dragged through life, first subconsciously responding to outside influences, and then reacting in patterns determined by social or habitual conditioning, learn to step back. One should not be slave to Darwinian emotions.

         On the other hand, the value of emotions should not be dismissed. There are good reasons for maintaining a healthy relationship between emotions and chakras. Resolve emotional conflicts and the chakras begin opening up, allowing one to experience more energy and enthusiasm. The physical body itself runs more smoothly. Focus spiritual practice on opening up the chakras, and blocked-up negative emotions tend to dissolve, allowing an emotional outflow of more love, tolerance, and compassion.

        Music can allow emotions to flow through the chakras, keeping the chakras activated and the individual motivated. How empowering it can be---to sit, stand, or move, wrapped up in the beat of the music we crave.

        We may chose music to release emotions internally blocked from free expression (herein lies the healing value of music). When someone "has done you wrong" or life "deals you a rotten hand," singing about it helps ease or remove the pain. When frustrated --- feeling restricted or hemmed-in by social conditions -- music releases the frustration and anger. Tension is released in a non-threatening manner, since the singer does not have to claim personal responsibility to feel and express the emotion of the music itself.

         We may chose music to intensify emotions that define our perception of self. We may need release from everyday pressures, having spent too long focused on the outside world, and needing to internally center again on some of the preferences that identify us as an individual. Perhaps we need a connection with other persons, those capable of sharing and understanding our specific musical preference. 

        We may chose music to lift us out of a lower state of awareness, to let our spirit reach upward, inspired by music. Music is chosen to re-energize, to help us get past the disappointments or discouragements of life and to get us back into the game of living life with gusto. We chose music to move our awareness out of internal musings back into an outer world, where we can at least feel safe in exploring the musical nuances that fill the air.

         Music crystalizes emotions while altering the dynamics of chakra activity. It holds the ability to pull our awareness out of ourselves while still allowing the recognition and expression of internal emotions. Of course, I could say all of this in purely psychological terms; I just find it interesting to watch the chakras and see how the body’s energy flow is influenced.

         I can hear the materialists claiming the action, and even the existence of chakras, exists only as a fanciful image, since I can offer no physical proof to back up my observations.  Somehow, I don’t care how others define my explanation; their objections cannot dim the personal experience.  I love the beauty of watching music from inside and out. Awareness of the chakras has added another dimension to my musical appreciation. I wish more people could appreciate a fuller and richer sense of music.

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