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Saturday, May 8, 2010: Increasing Spiritual Awareness

       Judging by books on the market, this is a big issue.  I know many people bemoan their inability to tap into higher dimensions. They want spiritual confirmation. They want proof.  I admit . . . once you've had a solid out-of-body experience you never again doubt that part of you exists independent of the physical body. But how do you develop higher awareness?

       For most people, the problem exists in the expectation of how their answers must appear. Too many people wander about the everyday world in a partial daze, wishfully dreaming about the difference in seeing spiritual worlds. If you can't notice the beauty, the wondrous patterns within the everyday world, how do you expect to be aware of the more subtle patterns in higher dimensions? 

       Open yourself to what's right in front of you. Quit insisting that you see a sign from beyond or that you hear God's answer to your prayer (and that the sign or answer appear in the same form as you've read about or as you've seen in the movies). Start instead by looking more deeply at the world in which you live. Answers will come when we shift out of long-established mindsets and open to new relationships and interactions. Think of it as seeing between the lines.  Someday, I'll come back and look at this pivotal focus of awareness.

       Start now by looking for answers in unexpected places, hidden within the commonplace. Give up your old concepts of what will work or not work, what is possible or impossible, and observe reality with a fresh eye.

       There is a certain amount of detached curiosity that must be present in the search for answers.  Whether the answer comes through as critical reasoning or intuitive insight or spiritual guidance, quit trying to control how it happens. It's the answer itself that matters. 

      Every reality has its own levels of truths and illusions or misconceptions. Higher realms may contain purer truths, but understanding higher truths with a lower state of consciousness always has the potential to lead one astray. Where the answer originates should not be as important as whether it has meaning in your life. Match the new insight to what you already know, use it to go back and look again at your old concepts. 

       If an answer or insight will have any value in your life it should help you develop into a more responsible, compassionate individual. You should work towards being more authentic about your own internal feelings and more authentic in your response to the outside world.

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Great wisdom!
May 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKass

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