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Saturday, June 19, 2010: Vacation Sans Computer

           I never realized I was becoming so addicted to daily internet access. Last week, I left my husband (and our MiFi) at our cabin and traveled further north to Beaver Island, where I assumed I could at least take my computer down to the library or community center to connect. There never was time.

            My mother’s gardens have been totally neglected as my dad struggled through chemotherapy. Now, life is getting back to normal for them, and they are ready to start back into a long, active summer on the island. My brother came up early to open the cabin and make sure my parents were settled in.

            Usually my husband and I travel to Beaver together, but for this trip I needed to go alone. R. can come up with me in fall; we will take the bikes and explore back roads; we will take energetic walks up and down the shoreline.

             This trip, I needed to wrestle my mother’s gardens back in shape, and they took far more work than I imagined. Rain early on in the visit made it easier to pull weeds, but cut down the available work time.  And of course, we had to fit in social engagements.          

             The main four gardens are finally back in shape. Mom perked up and decided she can handle them now that they do not look so overwhelming. They are not up to my standards and would benefit from several more trips like this one. Yet, my husband and I have our own summer filled with vacations and social obligations, and I know R. would go stir-crazy waiting around my parents’ cabin while I did extensive yard work.

             Without my husband along, I was grateful for the hours spent gardening. I could patiently listen to my father repeat old stories, and get caught up on “woman talk” with my mother.  My mom and I could go shopping (one of her favorite activities). While my parents napped, I could take solitary walks, with frequent and longer stops along the way.  (My husband is incredible patient with my photo stops. I am the one who gets anxious, knowing how he likes a physical workout).

            Walking alone, I could relax into peace and replenish my inner reserves. I could open my heart to the delights I discover whenever I focus on macro photography. Maybe I couldn’t rush home to search the internet for flower identifications, or to upload photos, but I could spend more time in the present. That became a wonderful vacation.

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