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Monday, June 7, 2010: It's Not God's Problem

         I am not sure what most people expect when they invite God into their lives -- that conflicts and obstacles will be removed? Certainly it would be nice if you could sit back in comfort and have God present you with the best of life on a silver platter. However, if the purpose of life is to grow and evolve, to understand deeper truths, then you must accept that prying your fingers loose from the attachments of the past can be painful.  Part of faith should be trusting you will survive that letting go process.

         I have found that opening my life to the divine has brought more and more challenges, which have become progressively more difficult.  Yet, I would not trade any of them.  As difficult as some periods have been, when I work my way through the emotional pain I find the other side more beautiful and more peaceful.  I am left with more compassion.   

        This is despite a solid conviction in my late twenties that I had found mystic peace.  At that time I felt more balance and harmony than I ever imagined possible.  People noticed the difference and often commented on it.  One person told me I was what he considered the perfect Christian, though I didn't follow Christ.  Others commented that I seemed to have the answers to life, though I considered myself still searching. 

         What I did have was detachment and an attitude of living in higher reality, beyond the concerns of the outer world.  This stability lasted for as long as I remained stable in that attitude.  Nowadays, I believe one can always find deeper levels of truth and that it requires a willingness to break up existing attitudes.  That includes breaking up the comfortable ones.

        When I look back now, I see those early days as resting above the turmoil.  Yes, there was peace.  It's just that now I see the static of unresolved turmoil that lay underneath.  If I'm willing to face the darkness and bring pain into the light, it always brings a greater depth and honesty to that peace. 

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This is so simple and beautiful. It lifts me.
June 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKass

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