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Monday, July 19, 2010: Visions versus Hallucinations

           My schedule is busy right now, so let me direct you to a great article by Dennis Gersten, M.D. that gives more advice on differentiating between visions and hallucinations. This article, written in 1997, can be found at http://www.imagerynet.com/book/excerpts/visions.vs.hallu.html .

        I firmly believe that if you are hearing voices that give negative messages, or you see visions that have a negative impact on how you respond to everyday life, it is most likely due to biochemical imbalances.  If you do have a serious imbalance, you won’t be able to rationally critique it. Perhaps that notion will be of comfort to those living normal lives who, upon find themselves suddenly confronting multidimensional experiences, end up wondering about their sanity.

         I’d also agree with Dennis that most spiritual visions are pleasant and uplifting.  This is part of the reason people cling to the experience as being real and valuable, why they seldom bother exploring other interpretations.  Even if (as materialists might say) these experiences are fantasies generated within the brain, they do no harm and leave one feeling more positive about one’s own life and about the world in general.  However, as I've said before, we are constantly evaluating everyday experiences for validity and relevance.  We should be doing the same for all experiences. 

          By the time you reach more advanced stages in spiritual development, you should be able to make your own determinations about validity.  In the case of negative experiences, when back to everyday reality you should remain rational enough to understand inner issues that are being (or need to be) confronted.   The vision will not control your destiny, but clarify deeply buried issues that are interfering with further progress.  In positive experiences, the key issue will not be about vision versus hallucination but how to keep the experience in perspective and your ego in check.

           You may also want to review one of my earlier articles on Maintaining Balance: Visions versus Hallucinations.

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