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Sunday, March 13, 2011: Analyzing the Zombie Dreams

        Waking up from a series of repeating lucid dreams, I had a pretty good idea what the zombie attacks symbolized.  I’d been getting more and more wrapped up in politics lately, more and more upset over one side’s manipulations to build public fear at the expense of sensible policy, political shenanigans that push through policies that not only didn’t work the last time they were applied but that led to disastrous  outcomes.  Just before the dream, R. and I had questioned if we should stop watching or reading daily news: each day, with each new political maneuver, we found ourselves increasingly more upset and angry. “Can you believe what they’re trying now?” began dominating morning and evening conversations.

        In the midst of our daily upsets (and my tendency to now post political articles on Facebook), my inner voice did manage to get through enough to whisper, “Don’t focus on the activity on individuals. Look at the energy fields developing across the country.”

        I took a deep breath.  The suggestion made me to step back and get my emotions centered again.  I looked out with inner eyes to see a great wave of negative energy---fear---spreading across the nation. It was a fear manufactured to distract, to turn neighbor against neighbor.  This insight started me off in a new direction and I began in meditation to focus on spreading energy waves of peace, understanding, and detached love. Yet, I felt rather helpless, not at all confident that one person could make much difference in the inner worlds.

        This dream offered hope from a new quarter. Our group was in an upper-level hotel suite, by no means lavish or extravagant, but comfortable and furnished with enough to provide the chance for us to enjoy each other’s company.  (My husband and I, our friends and neighbors, all live modestly but comfortably. We don’t worry about losing our homes, our jobs, our health insurance. Because we associate with like-minded people, our group tends to be liberals, concerned with those who are struggling.) In the dream, far below our hotel room we could see the wilderness but were somewhat insulated from the dangers.

        “Momma Grizzly Bear” surprised us on the screened-in porch.  For those who readers are not American, this is the term being used by right-wing women politicians who stir up lots of emotions from their followers using images of fierce mothers who protect their cubs with a vengence, all the while pushing an agenda that undermines programs set up to protect women and children in general.

        Once infected, G. quickly lost his “humanity.”   There was no way to reason with Zombie-G., who was now driven by some gut-level emotion to turn on every non-infected person around him.  As newly-infected zombies turned on more and more hotel guests from the lower floors, the size of the zombie-horde grew. No matter how desperately our little group sought to put up barriers, the dream always ended up with zombies breaking through our defenses.  Each repeat of the dream gave another chance to delay the zombie approach, but these delays never held out until daylight.

        The delays did allow one member of our group to develop a “lotion.” It was his heroic and unselfish efforts that turned zombies back into human beings.  After enough of the nearby zombies were restored, other zombies saw the effects of the lotion and stepped forward willingly to be restored to their former human selves.

        So . . . after my two inner insights, I am still posting statistics and data on Facebook when I see the right pushing a fear agenda that threatens to push people toward inhumane decisions.  I do it from a more balanced center.   I am meditating and focusing on energy waves instead of individuals. And I am thinking more about why---when I was raised a conservative---I’ve evolved into a liberal.

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