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Sunday, April 17, 2011: April Showers Bring the Blahs

       Had we not been obligated to pick up our van before traveling down south, I don't think we would have ventured up to the cabin this weekend. The wind and cold seemed determined to seep through layers of clothing, allowing only one brief excursion on trail bikes (even on the trail the wind left frozen fingers). By evening, the wind blew through in 35 mph gusts, sweeping up leaves into a brown blizzard around our cabin, undoing all the raking I'd done of flower beds. Saturday it rained all day, the sun never even attempting to show its face.  Why does it seem so much easier to endure rainy days when you are looking out on green growth instead of brown from fallen oak leaves and dead ferns?

         Late last night and this morning, it actually snowed. We Michiganders should take late snows in stride, but it's been a long and hard winter; everyone has run out of patience. No one wants to wake to an inch of snow covering the deck and ground (back in Ann Arbor they are expecting three inches). While the ground cover at our cabin melted during an early morning episode of sunshine, the sky has since clouded over and we are once again looking at snow flakes.

                                                                     Smooth Pussytoe

          I came up here hoping to find something in bloom, something to photograph. The daffodils I planted last fall are not yet out and, looking at their buds, by the time we return I will have missed seeing them in bloom this year (at least they came up). The skunk cabbage flowers by the river bank were nowhere to be seen.  All I found was this strange-looking plant that stumped both R. and me. Turns out it was a smooth pussytoe plant (I've never seen it in bloom) and what we thought were flowers were just this year's leaf growth. Sigh.

          I'm so ready for sunshine and wildflowers.


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