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Sunday, July 10, 2011: Post-surgery

         It's two days since arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus. A minor surgery for a dumb and undisciplined yoga move. I was more panicky about limitations afterwards than about the surgery itself, anxious to get in one last bike ride (and then another, and then that one the day before surgery), getting up and down for ground-level photography (which is the hardest on the knee), doing all the things that would later be restricted (like digging drainage ditches and filling them with 1000 lbs of cobble stone).  Even if the knee felt fine during the activity, I learned over and over that the wrong moves were bound to bring out knee complaints six or eight hours later.

        Before surgery, as I desperately roamed about the cabin engaged in those last close-up photo ops, I noticed these grape vine twists. With additional blurring and manipulation, the image became a perfect rendition of how the inside of my knee felt on its bad days.

        I've seen the surgical photos and it is all smoothed out now. In two months, the surface will be hardened, good as new.

       For now (when I have surprisingly minor pain and stiffness) I must remember the old saying: "When all the symptoms have disappeared, the healing process is only one-third complete."

           Still, I have a new beginning!! I am in such high spirits. Of course, it also means a new challenge---to remember that this new beginning is still delicate and vulnerable.   Fifteen percent of people going through these surgeries tear the meniscus again by not letting it harden before jumping back into activities. Who, me? Overextend myself? 

        Let's hope I can keep my attention focused on taking care of myself for the summer and I don't drift back into taking the body for granted.


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