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Saturday, July 16, 2011: Cycles in Nature

       It's mid-July. The grasses have bloomed and are already turning brown. One of my favorite  flowers---yellow goatsbeard---is going to seed; I search and cannot find their golden faces turned to the sun. Still, I can find the plants---beautiful even as they fall apart, their heads expanded to the size of a baseball. This is a moment of glory, before seeds are teased out by the wind to drift away.

        As my favorite completes its seasonal cycle, other flowers pop up to delight me. This trip to the cabin I was surprised to find an entire stand of Monardia along our road. There is no way I could have missed them in previous years, but how they could spring up this year like a well-established community remains a mystery.

        It is the first time I am present to witness the early stages, having always found Monardia with the centers shriveled and outside petals drooping.  I've been looking at senior citizens instead of toddlers and young adults.

       I'm going through my own cycles, my own ups and downs. When it is our own bodies, our own lives showing signs of completing a cycle, how can we turn away from the realities of nature?  I want to keep rejoicing in the world around me, especially as I see new life begin, see life ripening into maturity, to continue aging like my yellow goatsbeard, expanding with passing time until I am nothing more than a last glorious moment of fragile beauty. That would be a good life.  A life well lived.

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Brilliant! Both pictures and words.
December 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKass

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