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Tuesday, August 21, 2012: Writer's Block. Still.

          How quickly the time has flown and I still have not gotten back to creative writing. I've been wasting way too much time on Facebook, writing on politics and trying to reach for middle ground: a tone that appreciates the "individual freedom and responsibility" argument while also appreciating the "interconnectivity of human society and the need for compassion/support of the less fortunate" argument; a tone that brings heated debate back to underlying issues instead of mudslinging; a tone that reminds people that the opposition is not "the enemy hell-bent on destroying our country." We are all Americans and have been debating these issues (yes, heatedly) since our founding fathers sat down, bickered and spat out the compromise now revered as our Constitution. 

           I have not been a model mystic during this political season.There are moments when I have allowed myself to get riled up over the lack of compassion for the poor and sick, the roll-back of rights and freedoms for minorities, over the injustice and greed of a system set up to maintain a select group's power at the cost of the comon good. I recognize my old and established "step in and defend the underdog" attitude. I have always regretted it, always wondered if it matters in the long run. Yet I also wonder if one would live with more regrets for not stepping up, for not reminding people to reconsider what it means to be a human(e) being.

           I chide myself that I am not spending my retirement finishing my book, that I have not updated the blog in a coon's age, that any serious expressive writing has been caged for so long (since I remarried, now that I think about it). Perhaps I need to rethink my designated working area to make it more conducive to creative writing.  Perhaps. This new office space has never worked right for "the flow." 

          I feel the inner nudging, the whispering from deep within that it's time to tear apart my manuscript one last time and finish the damn project. I feel the Writer struggling to unfold and bloom again.  I procrastinate, grab my camera, and set off once again to take pictures.

         Has the Photographer become a handy excuse to override the Writer, to follow the course of least resistance because writing is more demanding? Or am I caught between competing passions and, for now, the Photographer has successfully fought for its own space to bloom. 

            Perhaps by summer's end, I will find my way beneath the writer's block and be able to look upward with a new vision.

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Hi...I haven't been here for a while (obviously) but it looks like we're both catching up with each other! For me, I've decided that too much writing/thinking about politics is very destructive to my creativity. I think, because politics is so divisive and tends to include exposure to negativity, there's a dampening of the enthusiasm, energy, and positive "light" that I find I need for creative work. So I have deliberately scaled back my involvement in online political discussions. You're right that in Canada people tend to be more civilized and polite -- it has helped me, since moving here, not to feel like I'm swimming in a sea of despair and argument. Canadians have their differences, here in Quebec particularly, but although emotions and fears surface now and then, the tone remains pretty civil, and the day-to-day living-together is remarkably kind. So what do we do? I don't know -- I guess I want to put my energy where it can be sustained,and where it seems to help me and others the most, focused more on the positive aspects of life, on awareness, and on teaching meditation.
September 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBeth
As always, I'm moved by your beautiful photos. I understand too well your dilemma. I just published a book and now spend all my time promoting it and keep asking, "When will I have time to write again?" I basically ignore politics unless something of real importance in the peace area appears, such as Greg Barrett's recent book tour and his moving story. As for the writing, I have to schedule myself and be the relentless disciplinarian to get anything done. Wish I were a better disciplinarian. I wish you well with your current challenge.
January 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGeorganne

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